Josie Petrick Kemarre

Utopia artist Josie Petrick Kemarre b.1954 Santa Teresa, granddaughter of Emily Kngwarreye, paints Womens Dreamings & Bush food stories.

Utopia artist Josie Petrick is an Anmatyerre speaker and senior woman artist from Mt Swan on the Utopia Homelands. Josie was born at Santa Teresa and grew up living a semi traditional lifestyle, regularly hunting and collecting bush foods. Josie began painting soon after the great painting project held at Utopia, title “Utopia Women’s Painting; The First Works of Canvas; a Summer Project 1988 -1989.”

Josie Petrick employs the traditional symbols and stories used by a wide range of the Utopia artists and including the Women’s ceremonial Body painting designs. She has also created a large group of paintings showing the seasonal cycles of the native bush foods. Josie engages all the colours of the season as the bush fruits mature from flowers into fruits and berries. She creates these images with overlapping layers of coloured dots that present a highly active painting surface.

Josie Petrick remains one of the established names amongst Utopia artists and her paintings can work on quite large scale canvases that highlight her facility with colour and texture.