1. How to Buy

To purchase aboriginal art online from Japingka Aboriginal Art, please use the Enquiry Cart button below a painting to add one or more paintings to your Enquiry Cart. When ready, send your enquiry to us and we will provide you with further information on the availability and pricing of your selected artworks. Alternatively, you may call or email the gallery directly.

Once you have decided to buy, Japingka Aboriginal Art offers payment options via credit card or direct bank transfers (electronic funds transfer), and EFTPOS for Australian buyers. We accept credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express (surcharge payable on AMEX).

Japingka Aboriginal Art does not store your credit card details after processing your purchase. We can contact you to organise payment via phone or email, and will send email invoices and receipts for your payments. With electronic funds transfers, the artworks will be released once funds are received into our bank account.

2. Refunds and Returns Policy

In the case of phone and internet orders only, if the painting does not match the digital image, please advise us as soon you receive the artwork, within 7 days. We will confirm arrangements for the return of the painting and refund. The painting is to be returned in original condition and undamaged, and the expense for the return is the responsibility of the customer.

3. Lay-by

We offer a Lay-by service, with standard terms of 3 months to pay and 20% initial deposit. Extended terms may be arranged if necessary by written agreement. If you decide to cancel a lay-by agreement, Japingka Aboriginal Art will charge a termination fee of 20% to cover storage and administration costs.

4. Holds and Reserves

If you are not completely sure you want an artwork, you may put a hold on an artwork for a period of two days, to have time to consider your choice. If the gallery receives another offer to buy the artwork during that time, we will contact you to make a decision. Exhibition items are exempt prior and during opening night.

5. Authenticity

Japingka Aboriginal Art stands behind all Aboriginal art works that it sells, and each artwork is supplied with a Certificate of Provenance, and documentation covering the artist’s biography, the story behind the painting and detail on the artist’s region. Japingka Aboriginal Art has been associated with Aboriginal art through its Directors for thirty years, and stands for fair and ethical trading in all its dealings with Aboriginal art and artists.

Japingka Aboriginal Art is a foundation member of both Art.Trade, the national body for Aboriginal art organisations and businesses, and of Indigenous Art Code, the Federal Government initiative to establish best practice for quality and ethical standards in the industry.
Both Art.Trade and Indigenous Art Code have codes of conduct that promote integrity, transparency and accountability in the Indigenous art market. Some of the main ideas listed by Indigenous Art Code are as follows-

The Indigenous Art Code is an industry Code of Conduct established to promote ethical trading in the Indigenous art market. It promotes integrity, transparency and accountability in dealings between Dealers and Artists.

Buying art with a Code certificate gives customers reassurance that they are purchasing art which has been ethically sourced and provides greater certainty of the artwork’s origin.

View: Japingka Aboriginal Art Code of Ethics

Foundation Member of Indigenous Art Code, setting best practice for quality and ethical standards.

Foundation Member of Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, national body for Aboriginal art

6. Shipping

6a. Within Australia

Interstate orders are sent by TNT Road Express, door-to-door delivery, fully insured and including a TNT tracking number. Delivery time is 5-7 business days. We will quote based on dimensions and location. We recommend sending paintings unstretched in a tube for safety.

If you require the painting to be sent stretched, we can send smaller works, up to a dimension of 120 cm. For larger stretched works, we will send via professional art freight service who run a monthly delivery to the east coast.


International orders are shipped via FedEx, door-to-door delivery, fully insured and including a FedEx tracking number. Delivery time is 5-7 business days. We recommend sending paintings unstretched in a tube for safety.

Please note: We cannot deliver to Post Office Box addresses.

If you have a shipping address outside Australia, import duties and taxes may be applied by your local authority. It is a legal requirement that we declare the transaction value of the contents of all packages.

Japingka Aboriginal Art covers the full insurance for the art work in transit.

7. GST on Exported Artworks

Any traveller taking an artwork valued at more than AUD $300 out of Australia as accompanied luggage, and within 30 days of purchase, is entitled to reclaim the GST portion of their purchase at the TRS office at the airport of departure. Please request a Tourist Refund Scheme brochure for more information or visit the: Tourist Refund Scheme page.

Artworks that are exported are GST free, if they are sent from Australia within 60 days of the first of the following two events – either the supplier receives any payment for the goods, or the supplier issues an invoice for the goods. In the case of goods paid for by instalments, the payment referred to is any part of the final instalment and the invoice referred to is the invoice for the final instalment. The rate of GST is 10%, so to make the calculation for GST paid, divide the total price by 11.

8. Artwork Delivery and Hanging

For Perth customers, if a painting is too large for you to collect, we may be able to deliver the artwork for you, or recommend a private art delivery service that can do so. We cannot hang artworks, though we can recommend private services that offer that service.

9. Artwork Stretching

Most gallery artworks are unstretched and there is a framing cost when artworks are required on a stretcher frame.10. Gift Vouchers

We offer gift vouchers for purchase. All vouchers are non-redeemable for cash and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

10. Wedding Registry

We are able to set up a wedding registry and receive payments from friends and family. You may like to select a painting, and include an image and the background story with your invitation. Alternatively, you can choose a painting after your wedding.

11. Gallery Venue Hire

Japingka Aboriginal Art is available for hire as a space to organise events, product launches, dinners, parties and functions. Please enquire regarding the hire rate.

12. Valuations

If you previously purchased an Aboriginal art work from Japingka Aboriginal Art and require an estimate of its current market value, please contact the gallery with your name, and details and image of the painting and its code number. If you require a valuation for insurance or sales purposes of other Aboriginal art works, we recommend contacting a licensed art valuer.

13. Commissions

If you would like a particular artwork from an Aboriginal artist, it may be possible to commission the artist to create an artwork for you. Please contact the gallery to discuss your requirements and to see if a commission is possible.

14. ReSale Royalty

All Australian artworks valued over AUD $1000 that have changed hands twice since 8 June 2010 are subject to a Re-Sale Royalty of 5%. This amount must be charged at purchase and paid to CAL, the body authorised by the Australian Government to collect royalties on behalf of artists and their heirs. For more information visit resaleroyalty.org.au