Aboriginal art exhibitions are on display at Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery, 47 High Street, Fremantle - Mon-Fri 10am-5.00pm and Sat & Sun 12-5pm. There is no entrance fee to view the exhibitions.

Online art exhibition links are accessible below for those not able to attend the gallery. Advance viewing and purchasing of exhibition works is available to subscribers of the Japingka Newsletter.

Jimmy Pike – Art of the Great Sandy Desert

Gallery 1 online

7 June – 15 July 2024

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More Little Gems

Gallery2 online

7 June - 15 July 2024

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3 May – 12 June 2024

Traditional owners of the Purnululu site in the East Kimberley present works that reveal the essence of this extraordinary landscape. Nine artists from Warmun Art Centre use traditional ochre pigments to re-create the unique qualities of this ancient location. Aboriginal traditional owners maintain a continuous cultural link to this Country through stories, song and art, and this reflects the timeless association of local people to the resources and history of this place.

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Tingari by Walala Tjapaltjarri

Tingari – Desert Men

3 May – 12 June 2024

Tingari Creation stories were both the source and the inspiration for the Desert art movement that emerged from the Elders at Papunya settlement in the early 1970s. Senior men were deeply connected to the spiritual world of Tingari, the Law and the creative essence of desert life. This knowledge sustained and informed traditional culture in the Central and Western Desert.

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Waru Tjukurrpa - Fire Dreaming by Jorna Newberry

Fire and Water

19 July – 20 August 2024

Managing fire and water are central tenets for Indigenous knowledge in Australia. Yondee Shane Hansen says “It’s about the rain, the water and then, after that, fire that burns off the land so it can re-grow. They are the two elements. They cleanse the land and they heal it. They are the great forces and energies.”

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Yikartu Bumba | Jap 022004 | Ngurra

Martumili Artists

23 February – 10 April 2024

Artworks from Martumili Art centre are sourced from seven remote communities including Jigalong, Punmu, Kunawarritji, Parnngurr, Irrungadji, Warralong and Parnpajinya (Newman). The artists are traditional owners for tracts of country in the Great Sandy Desert, Gibson Desert, Little Sandy Desert and Karlamilyi (Rudall River) region. The art centre is based in Newman in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia. Martu artists express their traditional ties to country and the kinship groups who continue to pass down cultural knowledge embedded in the lands that their ancestors have inhabited.

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Seven Sisters | Star Dreaming

How We Paint – Eight Artists

23 February – 10 April 2024

Indigenous artists continue to find inspiring and distinctive ways to paint within the many different cultural and language groups that make up their heritage and background. How We Paint- Eight Indigenous artists present recent works that showcase their specific approach and style of painting. Artists include Janet Golder Kngwarreye, Michelle Cooper, Michelle Possum Nungarrayi, Kurun Warun, Damien and Yilpi Marks, Belinda Golder Kngwarreye and Rochelle Bird Mbitjana.

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Tali Sand Dunes by Julieanne Turner Nungarrayi

Tali Desert Sand Dunes

10 November 2023– 1 February 2024

Tali Desert Sand Dunes brings together artworks that express the sandhill landforms found in nature as the formative idea for structures and symbols for Aboriginal artists. Artists Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa and her daughter Julieanne Turner Nungarrayi paint the shifting surfaces of desert sand dunes seen in their home country at Mt Allan in Central Australia. The forms of sandhills and other landscape features are seen in more specific locations painted by Yinarupa Gibson Nangala and Marlene Young Nungurrayi.

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Mina Mina Jukurrpa by Valda Napangardi Granites

In Black and White

30 August – 30 September 2024

Aboriginal artists working in black and white media create works that can be delicate and finely worked or bold and expressive. In this selection of artworks we see the graphic use of black and white to express the stories and designs related to body painting and to food resources. The artists exhibiting include Ronnie Tjampijinpa, Dulcie Long Pwerle and Jorna Newberry.

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Bush Tucker and Pencil Yam

Little Gems- Artworks under $500

10 November 2023 – 1 February 2024

Little Gems showcases our collection of smaller artworks by Aboriginal artists, all priced under $500. Featuring original artworks on canvas from artists based principally through the Central and Western Desert, over 15 artists are represented. Artists include Nellie Marks Nakamarra, Jeannie Mills Pwerle and Andrew Tjupurrula Highfold.

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Jessica Veronica Brown | Kuru Ala | Jap 021603

Sun and Shadow: Art of the Spinifex People

22 September – 31 October 2023

‘The idea of an artist meditating on their muse in heroic isolation is alien to desert people. Spinifex People design their lives around never being alone. Their preference is to always have malpa. The history of Spinifex painting reveals the creative and conceptual centrality of cooperation and collaboration that is fundamental to the lives of Anangu and their artistic practice.’ (John Carty and Luke Scholes, Sun and Shadow, p.193, Upswell Publishing, 2023)

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Anangu Women Artists: Ngayuku Tjukurrpa Mulapa – My True Story

21 July - 6 September 2023

The exhibition Ngayuku Tjukurrpa Mulapa – My True Story presents artworks by 14 Pitjantjatjara women painters depicting the central beliefs and stories that underlie their culture and their country. The contributing artists for this exhibition include Alison Munti Riley, Carolanne Ken, Madeline Curley, Maureen Baker, Teresa Baker, Meredith Curley, Julie and Janice Woods.

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Luurn and all the People at Nyirla

Willie Kew: Nyirla – Old Man Country

21 July – 6 September 2023

Luurn Willie Kew (c1930-2016) was the last surviving spokesman for the Kingfisher Dreaming story related to his birthplace at Nyirla rockhole. Willie Kew maintained a strong affiliation with his ancestral country and the Kingfisher Dreaming that gave him his name. The subject matter of his painting is integral to his identity.

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Sonya Edney | Cattle Pool | Jap 020841

Sonya Edney – Yingarrda Waterholes and Wildflowers

26 May – 5 July 2023

Yingarrda artist Sonya Edney presents her fourth solo exhibition at Japingka Gallery. The paintings focus on the waterways around the Gascoyne River in Western Australia’s mid-west region. The river flows for about one third of the year and for the other two thirds of the year it is a wide, sandy riverbed. Sonya paints the waterholes and creeks as they bring forth the wildflowers along the banks and floodways of the river.

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Susie Peterson | View into the Valley |Jap 021981

Barkly Artists – Alatyeyt-angketyarr: Spinifex Country

26 May – 5 July 2023

Alatyeyt-angketyarr: Spinifex Country brings together works by Alyawarr, Warumungu and Warlpiri artists from Owairtilla (Canteen Creek), Tennant Creek and Wutunugurra (Epenarra). The exhibition explores the cyclical nature of the central desert. Utilising a broad visual language typical of the Barkly region, artists employ a bright palette, rhythmic mark-making and exaggerated depictions of bush flowers and medicines.

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Lappi Lappi Jukurrpa

Warlpiri Artists from Yuendumu

31 March – 17 May 2023

Yuendumu was amongst the earliest desert communities to take up the desert art movement of the 1970s. The artists of Warlukurlangu continue to work the Jukurrpa creation stories into their paintings as part of a shared living culture. The exhibition is the 13th showing by Warlukurlangu Artists at Japingka.

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Spear Trees

Yondee Shane Hansen – Recent Paintings

31 March – 17 May 2023

Recent works by Noongar artist Yondee Shane Hansen detail stories from Derbarl Yerrigan, the Swan River region of Western Australia. The paintings mark the rivers and various freshwater lakes along the coastal plains. Also detailed are gnamma holes, traditional water catchment wells created to capture run-off during rainfall.

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Killiwuninj | Jap 020696 | Jack Britten

Ochre Painters of the Kimberley

24 February – 22 March 2023

The great names of Kimberley ochre paintings include Jack Britten, Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie, Shirley Purdie, Henry Wambini and Beerbee Mungnari. This exhibition focuses on smaller works by these great artists, showcasing the ochre style that so distinctly represents the art of Warmun community. Most of the paintings date from the period of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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Desert Creek Country I Jap 020353

Andrew Highfold – On the Lands

24 February – 22 March 2023

Andrew Tjupurrula Highfold paints aspects of traditional Country on APY Lands as it transforms between the dry and rainy seasons. Andrew reconnected with his birth family when he was 24, and this led him to further research his own Aboriginal heritage. His work as a painter is part of this journey – Andrew says that his paintings come as gifts from his mother and grandmother’s spirits. Andrew uses highly detailed dotting techniques to bring his landscapes to life, painting the creekbeds and rockholes that were at the centre of family life in earlier times.

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Grandmother's Country by Michelle Possum Nungurrayi

Gallery Collection

24 November 2022 - 25 January 2023

Many of our favourite artists need more wall space to display their wonderful artworks at their best. We have been busy in the stockrooms and around the gallery, selecting paintings that will enhance this exhibition and do justice to the many fine artists who created them.

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Landscape of My Country | Ada Pula Beasley | JAP 020367

Ada Beasley

24 November 2022 – 8 January 2023

Ada Pula Beasley has been painting since 2012 and her artworks show the layered landscape of Alyawarr country in Central Australia. Ada says: “I do painting to look back on the old days when we went hunting. My Mum took us out looking for bush medicine and yams and goanna.” Ada is involved in teaching younger artists about country and bush medicines. These include Mulga and Witchetty trees, River Red Gum, native Fuchsia, spinifex grass and the many varieties of bush flowers.

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My Country

Small Works – Strong Artists

14 October – 18 November 2022

Small artworks from leading artists, many in the sizes 90 x 60 cm and 60 x 60 cm – small art that makes a substantial statement. Amongst the exhibiting artists are Jeannie Petyarre, Joylene Reid Napangardi, Michelle Butler Nakamarra, Nellie Marks Nakamarra, Genevieve Kemarr Loy, Kellyanne Nungarrayi Gibson, Yinarupa Gibson Nangala and Winnie Reid Nakamarra.

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