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"I came across this gallery while on holiday in Perth. I came abroad with a mission to find something to remind me of my family in Australia, that wasn't tacky, mass produced, or easily broken. Japingka certainly delivered. When I arrived I was only able to find one of the two artworks I had shortlisted for purchase, however, one of the assistants in the gallery spent the rest of her working afternoon to find the other shortlisted piece within the storage area of the gallery. She contacted the same day to tell me she had found it and this was the piece that I ended up buying. A beautiful 'Fire Country Dreaming' artwork that has now given me the bug to purchase more artwork in the future!"
Tyra, Ilchester, UK

"The painting has arrived! And on my birthday! Couldn’t be better! It’s beautiful and I am absolutely delighted with it! Please pass on my thanks to the artist herself and congratulate her on her superb work! Best wishes from a miserably rainy North Yorkshire. Thank you"
Sam, North Yorkshire, UK

"Our painting arrived yesterday and it is absolutely stunning, even better than we expected it to be. Therefore, we wanted to thank you for the easy and quick process, which is not natural everywhere."
Larissa and Ben

"The Kudditji arrived safe and sound and beautifully packed this morning. It looks fantastic, thanks so much, I am really thrilled."
Charles, London UK

"I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it was purchasing this piece from you and how delighted I am that it will soon live with me here in my home. I’ve been reading as much as I can find about the artist and about the Utopia area and style. I was astonished to hear from you that the artist whose work I’d selected from across the world simply because I liked it so much was actually such an accomplished and lauded artist."

"I enjoyed watching the FedEx tracking log as the painting went from Perth to Singapore, then to Vancouver, British Columba and Memphis, Tennessee and Oakland, California, and so forth until it finally arrived at my front door ... I also appreciate all your answers to my e-mailed questions, the efficiency of your office staff and the excellent documentation you sent along with the painting. The smoothness of the entire process was remarkable."
Kathy, Northern California

"Since I've moved to Australia, I've been to many art galleries and I've been to many shops that sell Aboriginal art trying to understand this new vocabulary. I find this gallery as the most concentrated education for me."

"Every time I come up here, the curators have come up with some unbelievably rich new vein of art in this country. Whether that's because of Ian and David have some fantastic eye or whether it's because of where we are here in Western Australia or because it's the connection to the artist themselves is so direct here. The only other aboriginal painting I've ever bought was actually from the shop in Kings Park. That was my first Aboriginal painting and it's a beautiful painting. It's very very realistic. It's got kangaroos in it. It's just the most gorgeous painting."

"After that, I found this gallery. Now, I've been just educating myself by coming in here and looking to see what they bring in and what's attractive to them I think what's very important in this complex language that these paintings represent is the watchful eye of these really talented people who can bring to us as westerners the kind of variety that they do. I just want to put a plug in for this gallery. I think it's a great place. It's very special."
Professor Nadia Rosenthal

"I received the painting today in pristine condition. I am delighted with it, that's a great artwork. Thank you very much for the first class service provided by you and your team, I really appreciate it."
David, France

"This is just to confirm good reception of the artwork. Thanks for making the whole process so easy. Many thanks."
Diane, Melbourne

"Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery has a wonderful and diverse collection of art pieces from which to choose, which makes it even more difficult to find the one to suit your requirements. Thank you to Annette Krah who was very helpful and patient during the continuing decision process! It is also a wonderful gallery to visit, just to enjoy looking at the paintings.
Jane, Perth

"Presented beautifully, Perth needs more displays like this."
Lourie, New Zealand

"Hi David, Thank you so much for delivering the painting! My husband and I absolutely LOVE it - it is just as amazing in real life as it looked in the photos. We are thrilled."
Jean & Stuart

"I always enjoy receiving your Japingka Gallery invitations here in California, reading them and admiring the art. I always visit when I'm in Fremantle about once a year. I recently visited a friend in Brisbane who also loves your gallery and has several pieces. So it seems you have a following in Australia and around the world! Thanks."
Teri, California, USA

"Truly wonderful Exhibition. The very best! Thank you!"
P&J Smith, Washington DC

"Finally we have the painting in place. We are delighted with it ... It just has a lovely feel about it and added to many other things we have from our travels around the world it just feels right. Many thanks to you all for your help in fulfilling my wish of having an indigenous painting."
Jocelyn, UK

"Wonderful exhibition! Thank you for the opportunity to gain some insight! Care share and respect."
Holger, Germany

"Just to let you know the painting arrived yesterday and we are delighted with it. We have guests with us this we and they also thought it was great, and were interested as they have family in Perth. It's a small world! It certainly helps to bring back many memories including my first visit to Perth and Fremantle."
Jocelyn & David, Cornwall, UK

"The painting arrived Monday exactly as predicted. It is wonderful."
John & Jane

"I received the paintings this morning ... all is well, beautifully packed and mounted. Was a pleasure to do business with Japingka and if ever I am in Fremantle again - I hope soon - I'll drop by and see the gallery."
Claire, France

"The paintings arrived early last week. They arrived in perfect condition and we’re extremely grateful that you framed the small paintings for us. Thanks so much! They look wonderful in our house. It is wonderful, also, to have the well prepared documentation. We look forward to doing business with you in the future."
Jane, USA

"As a student in Fremantle, I walk past this place daily – only to be reminded of the beauty of Australia and its people - in reflexion from the paintings."
Christine, Perth

"Thanks for your email. I was just going to write to you this morning! I picked up the painting yesterday. We are delighted! Thanks again for your good service."
Josephine, France

"Amazing gallery! Outstanding Artwork! Thank you!"
Giulia, Antonella & Carmine, Italy

"The painting arrived safely at 9.00am on the 27th December. It's beautiful and I'm grateful you had it arrived so quickly. Thank you."

"Painting arrived - very efficient! Yet to be unpacked - will be a Christmas "opening".
Helen, Sydney

"Thank you very much. It arrived safe and sound, now gracing the wall in our house, that will soon be my study."

"Thank you, hope to hear from you soon for another beautiful painting!"

"Amazing Art! I like science but this is still interesting!"
Peter, Queens NY

"I wanted to let you know that the painting arrived safely last Tuesday and that we have also received the supporting documents. Everything is in good order. Thanks for arranging the purchase and shipment. We are looking forward to enjoying the painting."

"Beautiful Artwork and nice educational resources on your website! Thank you for having us!"
Sandra, Sweden

"Very impressed by the meticulous detail and skilful execution of these artworks – mesmerizing!"
Conan & Laura, Edinburgh UK

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