A collection of videos relating to Australian Aboriginal art, culture, communities and artists.

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Aboriginal Art and Culture in Lajamanu

Lajamanu Community in Northern Territory – Home to Warlpiri people

Author: Jesse Mitchell

Rosie Ngwarraye Ross

Author: Artists of Ampilatwatja

Kathleen Nanima Rambler

Author: Artists of Ampilatwatja

Lilly Kemarre Morton

Author: Artists of Ampilatwatja

Spinifex Arts Project Japingka Gallery

Author: Spinifex Arts Project

TJUNGUṈUTJA: from having come together

The startling Tjungungutja exhibition – comprising of over 130 paintings, rare cultural artefacts and historical ephemera – reveals a collection that has been shrouded in mystery, controversy and intrigue for over 40 years. An extraordinary insight into the genesis of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement.

Author: Museum & Art Gallery of NT

Preparation of Bush Yam

Author: ididjaustralia

Freddie Timms – Black soil

Author: ABC Open

Human Migration Across the Globe

Animated visual showing the population of the world land mass.

Author: BI Science

Human Migration Clues

Research with Aboriginal DNA reveals the earliest migrations to Australia.

Author: ABC News

Australian Aborigines – A Brief History

A brief history of the Aborigines of Australia.

Author: MrBigrollin

Australian Aboriginal use of Spinifex resin technology

Spinifex resin is a remarkable organic product traditionally used by Aboriginal people.

Author: ididjaustralia

Camel Camp and George Tuckerbox

An exhibition of works by George Tuckerbox and painters from Camel Camp, Utopia.

Author: Japingka

Judy Watson Napangardi at work

Time lapse video showing artist Judy Watson Napangardi at work.

Author: Japingka

Nellie Marks Nakamarra at Work

A short video from 2011 showing Nellie Marks Nakamarra working on her painting ‘Travelling Through My Country’.

Author: Desert Art Centre

How does Aboriginal Art create meaning

ABC interview with Colin Jones, a lecturer in Aboriginal History.

Author: Queensland Rural Medical Education Limited

Sarrita King and Pommery Champagne

Aboriginal artist Sarrita King and her label commission from Pommery Champagne.

Author: NITV

Ronnie Tjampitjinpa at work on Tingari

A short video showing Ronnie Tjampitjinpa working on his painting Tingari in 2012.

Author: Desert Art Centre

Rosella Namok & Lockhart River Painters

An exhibition of works by Rosella Namok and painters from Lockhart River.

Author: Japingka

Aboriginal Rock Art – What’s Sacred Now

ABC interview with Ken Mulvaney, archaeologist, looking at the rock art of the Burrup Peninsula. 2015.

Author: ABC

Sarrita King talks about Fire Series

Sarrita King explains her Fire Series paintings.

Author: Japingka Gallery

Uluru Drone Footage

Uluru – The iconic landmark of Central Australia, located on traditional Aboriginal lands

Author: Ayers Rock Resort

The King Sisters and Iwantja Artists

The work of Sarrita King and Tarisse King, as featured in their third exhibition at Japingka Gallery.

Author: Japingka