Torres Strait Art & Prints

A selection of paintings showing the styles from this Aboriginal art region - some paintings may still be available for sale, while some may have been sold.


Airka – For the Rain by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Airka – For the Rain

Jap 008862  |  limited edition etching  |  90 x 30 cm


Ai Pugaik by Alick Tipoti

Alick Tipoti  |  Ai Pugaik

Jap 008987  |  linocut- Hand coloured  |  68 x 40 cm


Hunting Wild Pig by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Hunting Wild Pig

Jap 018776  |  Limited edition linocut  |  33 x 31 cm

Tupmul Award by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Tupmul Award

Jap 008860  |  limited edition etching  |  66 x 49 cm


Gubau Wurau – Wind Bird by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Gubau Wurau – Wind Bird

Jap 008866  |  limited edition etching  |  90 x 44 cm


Kalwai – Barnacle by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona   |  Kalwai – Barnacle

Jap 019404  |  Limited edition Etching  |  90 x 39 cm

Arika II – Coming of the Rain by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Arika II – Coming of the Rain

Jap 008900  |  limited edition etching  |  62 x 97 cm


Celalal Yana by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Celalal Yana

Jap 008872  |  limited edition etching  |  49 x 40 cm


Koeral by Alick Tipoti

Alick Tipoti  |  Koeral

Jap 008989  |  limited edition linocut  |  98 x 66 cm


Waki Mab by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Waki Mab

Jap 014319  |  Linocut  |  48 x 61 cm

Zurath AW Dogai (State 1) by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Zurath AW Dogai (State 1)

Jap 014321  |  Linocut   |  47 x 67 cm

Journey of the Waru – Turtle by Glen Mackie

Glen Mackie  |  Journey of the Waru – Turtle

Jap 017586  |  Linocut  |  94 x 31 cm

Ariew Thurai Mabaig – Rain Caller by Alick Tipoti

Alick Tipoti  |  Ariew Thurai Mabaig – Rain Caller

Jap 008977  |  limited edition linocut  |  41 x 29 cm

Gimma Guun by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Gimma Guun

Jap 008856  |  limited edition etching  |  46.5 x 25 cm


Wapiew Kulal – Fish Rocks by Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona  |  Wapiew Kulal – Fish Rocks

Jap 008898  |  limited edition etching  |  110 x 68 cm


Akulan Guraik by Alick Tipoti

Alick Tipoti  |  Akulan Guraik

Jap 008981  |  linocut- Hand coloured  |  51 x 31 cm

The Torres Strait Islands are a group of 274 small islands which lie in the straits separatingCape York Peninsula in far northern Queensland from the island of New Guinea. They form part of the Australian nation, and their Indigenous artists form a distinctive group within the Aboriginal art regions.

The islands of the Torres Strait extend from the tip of Cape York Peninsula to within 5 km of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) coastline. The outer islands are north of the arbitrary dotted line, and consist of the western islands (Badu, Moa, Mabuiag), the northwestern islands (Boigu, Dauan, Saibai), the eastern islands (Ugar, Erub, Mer) and the central islands (Masig, Poruma, Warraber, Iama).

Recent estimates place the population of the Torres Strait at about 6,500 with 3,500 living on either the administrative centre of Thursday Island or on nearby islands, and the remainder living on 13 of the outer islands. On most of the outer islands domestic pigs are reared as a particularly valued source of meat for ceremonial feasts.

The islands and their surrounding waters and reefs provide a highly diverse set of land and marine ecosystems, with niches for many rare or unique species. Aboriginal artists from the Torres Strait Islands include Dennis Nona, Alick Tipoti and Ricardo Idagi, with distinctive styles reflective of the Melanesian culture of the region.

Further information is available on exhibiting artists on the following links

Dennis Nona