Mowanjum Paintings

A selection of paintings showing the styles from this Aboriginal art region - some paintings may still be available for sale, while some may have been sold.


Djalala and Wandjinas by Petrina Bedford

Petrina Bedford  |  Djalala and Wandjinas

Jap 017564  |  acrylic on canvas  |  130 x 50 cm

Djalala – Boundary Stones by Edna Dale

Edna Dale  |  Djalala – Boundary Stones

Jap 017565  |  limited edition silkscreen  |  42 x 57 cm

Djalala and Wandjinas by Edna Dale

Edna Dale  |  Djalala and Wandjinas

Jap 017567  |  acrylic on canvas  |  45 x 92 cm

Pandanus by Leah Umbagai

Leah Umbagai  |  Pandanus

Jap 017571  |  ochre on canvas  |  60 x 80 cm

Gyorn Gyorn by Leah Umbagai

Leah Umbagai  |  Gyorn Gyorn

Jap 017572  |  ochre on canvas  |  50 x 95 cm

Dumbi and Ungudd by Donny Woolagoodja

Donny Woolagoodja  |  Dumbi and Ungudd

Jap 017576  |  limited edition woodblock print  |  36 x 76 cm

Jilinya – First Bush Woman by Kirsty Burgu

Kirsty Burgu   |  Jilinya – First Bush Woman

Jap 017574  |  limited edition silkscreen  |  50 x 70 cm

Gulawana Wandjina by Edna Dale

Edna Dale  |  Gulawana Wandjina

Jap 017568  |  acrylic on canvas  |  45 x 92 cm

Djalala and Wandjinas by Petrina Bedford

Petrina Bedford  |  Djalala and Wandjinas

Jap 017563  |  acrylic on canvas  |  60 x 60 cm

Waanungga – Bush Honey by Gudu Mungulu

Gudu Mungulu  |  Waanungga – Bush Honey

Jap 007506  |  Etching  |  49 x 42 cm

Wandjina and Gyorn Gyorn by Mildred Mungulu

Mildred Mungulu  |  Wandjina and Gyorn Gyorn

Jap 007212  |  Etching  |  38 x 28 cm


Mowanjum community is located near to the town of Derby, on the southern end of the Gibb River Road in west Kimberley. Mowanjum is home to the Aboriginal people of Worrorra, Ngarinyin, and Wunumbul language groups, who came together early this century at the Kunmunya Presbyterian Mission and the government settlement at Munja. Since 1950, the people have endured many forced moves, first to Wotjulum, then to the old Mowanjum site and finally to the present day Mowanjum located near Derby.

The Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbul people are the three Wandjina tribes, who view the Wandjinas as the true creators of the land. The Creation and Rain spirit of the Wandjina is represented widely in the Aboriginal rock art sites of the coastal west Kimberley, one of the world’s great ancient art sites.

Traditionally the ochre painted Wandjina sites were repainted each decade, but now only a few sites are maintained in this way. However the tradition behind the ancient rock art continues with contemporary Aboriginal artists painting the symbols of Wandjina and Gyorn Gyorn (Bradshaw figures) on canvas, using ochre materials. With the heritage and generosity of Mowanjum artists, the world has the opportunity to learn more of the oldest and most powerful images in Aboriginal art.

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