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Janet Golder painting canvas seated on the ground

Aboriginal Art Facts

Where did Aboriginal art come from? Australian Aboriginal people had two traditional forms of communication. These were oral storytelling and song as well as visual communication through drawing, painting and the use of ceremonial design. There was no written language, however for many survival depended on the ability to remember where food and water sources…

Iwantja Artists - Tjilpi

Iwantja Artists – Last Days

Japingka Gallery’s first showing of the Artists from Iwantja comes to an end this week. Purchased works are now available for collection from the gallery. The response to the paintings has been very positive, with sales coming from nearly all the artists’ works in the exhibition. Special comment was often made in relation to the…

Thomas Tjapaltjarri  Tingari  Jap 008355

Men of the Desert: Landmarks & Law Grounds Exhibition

Gallery 1 Friday April 12 at 6.30pm When over 35 senior male artists paint the great stories of their ancestral lands, the stories are bound to be vast and impressive. Japingka Gallery presents an exhibition of significant Men’s paintings that focus on Landmarks of identity – places and sites that mark out identity in the…

Feature mapping Country Ampilat 009577

Mapping Country – Artists of Ampilatwatja Community

21st September to 31st October Michelle Pula Holmes My Country Jap 008378 Artists from Ampilatwatja community, 320 km north-east of Alice Springs, have a distinctive approach to landscape, producing finely dotted images of Apmer, the traditional custodial lands of the artists. Their country is vast, 17,000 square kilometres of land which the custodians protect and…

Jorna Newberry - Wind Dreaming - Mother's Country Jap 008428

Two Women Artists – Jorna Newberry & Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri

Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri Minyma Inmaku – Women’s Ceremony Jap 008413 This exhibition features two women artists who both began painting in the 1990s after working closely with senior male artists within their family groups. Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri assisted her Pintupi elder husband Barney Campbell Tjakamarra (1928- 2007), before setting out on her own career. Maisie…

Lorna Fencer - Yipandari Kangaroo Tucker - Jap 001413

The Colourists: Kudditji Kngwarreye & Lorna Napurrula Fencer

Japingka Gallery presents an exhibition of two of the great colourists of the Central Desert art movement, Kudditji Kngwarreye (born c 1928) and the late Lorna Napurrula Fencer (c1924 – 2006). These two distinctive Indigenous artists are known for their large dynamic paintings, made powerful and electric by the colour they bring to their work.…