Here’s An Excellent Review For Charlie’s Country

David Gulpilil in Charlie's CountryIt's wonderful when a highly skilled director like Rolf de Heer takes the risks that he does to make a film that explores another layer of the complex story of being aboriginal in Australia.

You'd think it would be so much easier to fund and promote a film that sticks to more commercial pathways and affirms what film goers find comfortable and familiar.

How much more thrilling it is when an artist takes us by the hand and leads us on a journey beyond our experience and in so doing builds a bridge of genuine insight and empathy.

There are so many layers of misunderstanding and stereotype to peel away and this new film Charlie's Country is another important contribution to building deeper understanding of the experience of indigenous Australians.

Waterbird, Fish, Stingray

Lobo Badari - Arnhem Land

This is a semi-autobiographical film co-written by David Gulpilil and Rolf de Heer who have previously collaborated with The Tracker and Ten Canoes.

Charlie's Country was selected to compete in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.  The quality of David Gulpilil's performance in this film saw him win the Best Actor award.

Our friends at Aboriginal Art Directory have published an interesting review of Charlie's Country by Jeremy Eccles.

To find out more about his important film I recommend his review Gulpilil's Country.