Mapping Country – Artists of Ampilatwatja Community

21st September to 31st October

Michelle Pula Holmes My Country Jap 008378

Artists from Ampilatwatja community, 320 km north-east of Alice Springs, have a distinctive approach to landscape, producing finely dotted images of Apmer, the traditional custodial lands of the artists.

Their country is vast, 17,000 square kilometres of land which the custodians protect and nurture, recording the bush medicines and bushtucker found there, and mapping the country under their guardianship. Ampilatwatja is the cultural heartland of the Alywarr nation, and the paintings from twenty of the artists reflect their connection to and respect of their lands.

Rosemary Beasley View of Country 008377
Daisy Moss Kemarra View Of Country 008393

Local artists Rita Beasley and Murphy Teece will attend the opening night, along with art co-ordinator Caroline Hunter. A Floor Talk will be held on Saturday 22nd September at 3pm at the gallery, when you can hear first-hand about art practice and other issues directly affecting the people in central Australia’s remote communities.

Rosie K Morton My Father's Country Jap 008370
Milly Morton View Of Country Jap 008374

This exhibition is presented in association with the Artists of Ampilatwatja cultural group. View the exhibition here:
Ampilatwatja Artists