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LNF 117 001062

The Yam Dreaming of Lorna Napurrula Fencer

Yam Dreaming, a 2017 exhibition at Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery, includes a collection of extraordinary paintings by Lorna Napurrula Fencer. Lorna is a custodian of the Yam Dreaming stories from Yumurrpa, a site in Warlpiri country, to the north of Yuendumu community in Australia’s Northern Territory. View: Yam Dreaming Exhibition (Online) Lorna Fencer (1924-2006) was a famous Lajamanu…

2 IMG_3924

The Role of Aboriginal Art In Contemporary Interior Design

Alana Willis is an Interior Design Consultant for Innerspace in Perth. Here she discusses the qualities she believes Aboriginal art brings to contemporary interior design, her role as designer and what she loves about her job. Why did you select some Aboriginal artworks to hang at the Innerspace showrooms in Perth? I wanted something with…

Emily 013878

The Vibrant Colours of Womens’ Yam Dreaming

Our new exhibition is Yam Dreaming and has ten major artists exhibiting. The theme of the exhibition is based on the Bush Yam, which is a staple of the traditional Aboriginal diet in Central Australia. Because of its importance it has become a dominant theme, a central idea, for a significant group of artists to explore. There is…

Japingka Western Australia Aboriginal Artists Featured

Aboriginal Artists of Western Australia

Sometimes people in the Gallery ask us about West Australian Aboriginal artists and which communities they should look at. We thought it might be useful to review what we have in our collection and give a general description of the communities represented so that people can quickly explore that for themselves.

Aboriginal Art Bush Dyed Textiles Groote Island

Bush Dyed Textiles From Anindilyakwa Art and Culture on Groote Island

Japingka Gallery is exhibiting some very popular bush dyed textiles from Anindilyakwa Art and Culture on Groote Island. In this interview we talk with Lucy Bond, who is the Centre’s Arts Coordinator, about how the women’s textile project came about and its value to the community. Where is Groote Eylandt? Groote Eylandt is the largest…

Artist working outdoors, Newman

Visiting Art Communities in Australia’s North West

In this interview Japingka’s David Wroth talks with American art collector John about his recent experience of visiting art communities in Australia’s North West. David: It’s great to see you back here in Fremantle. I believe you’ve been flying over the Kimberley to some pretty interesting places. Where have you been and what was it like?…

Feature Anna

Anna Petyarre and the Lands of Central Australia

In Gallery Two, we have a new collection of Anna Petyarre’s latest works, mostly in black and white. These are inspiring paintings – we think these are the finest works she’s painted in the last ten years. Anna Petyarre – Sandhills and River Bed Country Anna is from the famous Petyarre family – Gloria Petyarre…

Feature Yinjaa 013608

Yinjaa-Barni Celebrate Marrga Creation Dreaming Stories

It’s wonderful to have the artists from Yinjaa-Barni as regular exhibitors at Japingka Gallery. They work from their Art Centre in Roebourne and have been developing their art steadily for 15 years or more. One of the features of their work is that they refer to their homelands along the Fortescue River. They tell stories of…

Jack Britten - Nowlanji

Paintings From The Earth – The Ochres From The Kimberley

We have filled Gallery One with a stunning exhibition titled Made in Ochre, featuring paintings from Kimberley artists. There are paintings by major artists of this tradition including many senior artists who’ve now passed on. Jack Britten – Nowlanji The exhibition gives an overview of the style used by ochre artists, with a particular emphasis…

Feature Stories Land and Sky 013769

Stories of Land and Sky By The Possum Sisters

We have really enjoyed hosting this wonderful exhibition by sisters Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi and Michelle Possum Nungurrayi. Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi – Grandmothers Country, Seven Sisters Dreaming Their work from the exhibition Talking about Country continues a tradition that was started by their famous father Clifford Possum. These two artists have employed some of the technical devices…

Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery Video Library

New video library for Aboriginal art resources

There has been a noticeable and exciting rise in the number of teachers, students and art lovers keen to learn about Australian Aboriginal art. We are also observing that video is increasingly the way that people learn and share this information. YouTube and Vimeo and other video databases can be so large, Japingka has launched…

4 photo

Guess Which Italian Master Inspired Kurun Warun

Kurun Warun was working as a tiler and Aboriginal dancer when he saw a painting in the Gallery of New South Wales by an Italian master. The light and mood of the work captured his imagination and he kept going back to look at it. An artist friend gave him a canvas and from then…

Two Sisters in Disagreement - Kimberly Spratt

Exhibition Showcases Nyoongar Artists in Northam

Exhibition Showcases Nyoongar Artists in Northam Nyoongar artists have opened an exhibition of their work at the Artists Revolution Gallery in Northam. Artists Revolution is a not for profit arts group designed for artists to promote and sell their art in Northam. The project is co-ordinated by artist and facilitator Patricia Rose. She has lived…

Kurun Warun - Solo Exhibition Japingka Aboriginal Art

Kurun Warun On Country, Choices & Living Culture

Interview with Kurun Warun at the launch of his solo exhibition at Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery – February 2017. Kurun’s family ancestry includes Truganini and he comes from the same tribe as Lionel Rose. Given his first set of boxing gloves at the age of two, he grew up learning to fight, but his true…

4 IMG_2322

Microscopes, Paint Brushes & the Bones of Life

Professor Nadia Rosenthal has a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Harvard Medical School. She is an award winning cell biologist and passionate Aboriginal art collector. Nadia is currently Scientific Director and Professor at The Jackson Laboratory for Mammalian Genetics. She is described as “a superb scientist, a keen intellect, an outstanding teacher, a visionary leader.” Nadia…

1 Faye 013360

The Vivid Colours of The Tanami Desert

We love exhibiting the Tanami Desert artists and we have a new collection ready to go from Yuendumu and Nyirripi. We’ve had some wonderful paintings over the years from Alma Nungarrayi Granites. These are the amazing Star Dreaming stories that her family are custodians for. Also for this year’s exhibition we have many new paintings that…

Jimmy Pike Artwork Design on Cushions

Jimmy Pike’s Art In The Market Place

The commercialisation of Jimmy Pike’s artwork onto lifestyle products in the late 1980’s was part of a much bigger design movement in Australia. There were quite a few other artistic figures who were giving us an Australian identity on everyday items, taking Australian design onto products that we wore and we carried with us. Names…

1 Kurun Warun - Dry River Bed 013504

Kurun Warun – Stones, Eels and Harmonious Landscape

Kurun Warun is an Australian indigenous artist whose family originally comes from the western coastal region of Victoria. This is his first solo exhibition in Western Australia. He’s produced some fantastic images where we experience the feeling of being in the Australian landscape, and other paintings that refer to ceremonial traditions in Aboriginal society. Kurun Warun – Dry…


Jimmy Pike – Remembering His Life & His Art

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2017 In this article Japingka’s David Wroth discusses his experience working with Jimmy Pike, commencing at Fremantle Prison during the early 1980’s. After Jimmy left prison they continued to work together through the marketing of Jimmy’s work with Desert Designs. David talks about Jimmy’s working process and the elements that you’ll see…

Exploring Aboriginal Art in School Visual Art Programs

It’s exciting to see the new Australian curriculum including more emphasis on indigenous art and culture. We have gathered three resources that explore very different approaches to exploring Aboriginal art in schools within the visual arts program. The first is the Bush Medicine Lesson Plans developed by primary visual arts teacher Ana Nail for use in…


Aboriginal Art Leads A Global Showcase of First Nation Art

Museum Quai Branly in Paris is one of those contemporary museums with a real sense of purpose. The building is designed to get you in the zone for discovering its contents.  It houses a collection of cultural works of First Nations people, or Indigenous people from all around the world. It’s really an ethnographic museum. The museum gives a snapshot of the whole non-Western tradition…


Science Uses Ochre To Map Ancient Aboriginal Trading Routes

Scientists are looking at the organic makeup of ochre pigments to discover more about the trading routes used by traditional indigenous communities in Australia. The South Australian Museum is using modern spectrometer technology to analyse the types of ochres found on old, possibly pre-contact artefacts. This helps them map the trade routes used by traditional…

Feature Seton College Jade

Seton College Aboriginal Culture Program

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2016 Jade Dolman is an indigenous artist and educator. In this interview she talks about a program exploring indigenous culture at Seton Catholic College in Perth, Western Australia. How did the Seton College project come about? Sophie Jaques, art teacher at Seton College got in touch with me. She was looking for an…


Seton College Visual Arts Project

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2016 Sophie Jaques is a Visual Arts teacher at Seton Catholic College in Perth. In 2016 she initiated a project for the Year 7 class.  Aboriginal art and culture were explored across whole school year in several subjects. Here she describes how the project came about and how it worked. Can…


Elsie Napanangka Granites – Art, Sorry Business & The Bulldogs

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2016 Tracking down Elsie Napanangka Granites for a chat can be a challenge. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Firstly Elsie’s been away from Alice Springs attending family funerals back in her community. The second reason is that Elsie, like many artists, prefers doing her art rather than talking…

1 At work in the studio - Maria Josette Orsto

In Conversation With Maria Josette Orsto

Maria Josette Orsto is an artist from the Tiwi Islands. These islands are part of the Northern Territory in Australia. They are 80 km to the north of Darwin where the Arafura Sea joins the Timor Sea. In this conversation Maria talks about her art and life on the Tiwi Islands. Can you tell me about your favourite place on the Tiwi Islands? My…

Feature Indig Culture in schools Sarrita

Indigenous Culture In Schools: Sarrita King’s Perspective

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2016 Sarrita King has paintings in major Australian and international art collections. In this article she  discusses how she would like to see Aboriginal art explored in schools. She has a message for teachers. What did you see being taught about Australian indigenous culture at school? I feel like I was informed but I…

Feature How i became an artist

How I Came To Be An Artist – Sarrita King

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2016 Can you talk a little about where you grew up and when did art start to become a priority in your life? I grew up in Darwin. I was born in Adelaide but moved to Darwin with my Mum and my stepdad. That was definitely the beginning of my…

Wangkatjungka Remote School Mentors Project

The Wangkatjungka Remote School Mentors Project – Part 1

The Principal’s Story – Keith Spencer In 2009 a project at Wangkatjungka Remote Community School brought the teenagers and elders together. The project boosted school attendance to unheard of levels as well as creating an exciting event at Japingka Gallery. Here is the story of that project told by Keith Spencer, Principal of Wangkatjungka Remote School at that time. Quick…

Wangkatjungka school artists

The Wangkatjungka Remote School Mentors Project – Part 2

The Project Facilitator’s Story – David Wroth In 2009 a project at Wangkatjungka Remote Community School brought the teenagers and elders together. The project boosted school attendance to unheard of levels as well as creating an exciting event at Japingka Gallery. Here is the story of that project told by David Wroth of Japingka Aboriginal…

Nada Rawlins at Wangkatjungka

The Wangkatjungka Remote School Mentors Project – Part 3

The Gallery Director’s Story – Ian Plunkett In 2009 a project at Wangkatjungka Remote Community School brought the teenagers and elders together. The project boosted school attendance to unheard of levels as well as creating an exciting event at Japingka Gallery. Here is the story of that project told by Ian Plunkett. Quick links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 The…

Feature Tiwi Peaceful

Tiwi Design Art Centre: A Peaceful Place For Art

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2016 Dianne is Studio Co-ordinator for Tiwi Design Art Centre on Bathurst in the Tiwi Islands. In this article she talks about the diversity of her role. She reflects on cultural change within the Arts Centre, the No Humbug rule, wish lists, Work for the Dole and sister girls. Where is the Tiwi…

Bella Kelly
Landscape (sunrise over the Stirlings) c 1970s
acrylic on board
48.3 x 62.5 cm
Collection of Trevor Garland, Photo: Bo Wong
© Estate of Bella Kelly

The Art & Influence of Bella Kelly

Annette Davis, from the City of Albany’s Vancouver Arts Centre is the curator of the Bella Kelly Retrospective, a project supported by the Departments of Culture and the Arts and Regional Development, Royalties for Regions and Country Arts WA. In this interview Annette talks about the artist and her place in history. She discusses the proposal that Bella Kelly…

TIWI Design

Maria Josette Orsto and Art From the Tiwi Islands

We’ve just put up some impressive ochre paintings by Maria Josette Orsto. She’s using some of the ceremonial designs from Tiwi Islands in her work. This artist has a strong family tradition of painting and design. Maria has worked as an artist from a young age, helping out her father Declan Apuatimi with his painting and carving. These impressive…

Ngukurr Artists Ceremonial Bones

Ngukurr Community Artists Have Something Special

I’ve just been hanging the new work from Ngukurr Community in south-east Arnhem Land. What an amazing community of artists. There are nine different language and culture groups all living in the one place. One of the my favourite works is a painting of the painted bones. This is about the whole ceremonial treatment of people after…

Feature Exciting Diversity Ngukurr 012880

The Exciting Diversity Of Ngukurr Arts

By: David Wroth, Japingka Gallery, 2016 Ngukurr is a remote Indigenous community on the banks of the Roper River in Southeast Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Jude Emmett is Manager of the Ngukurr Arts Aboriginal Corporation. In this interview he talks about Ngukurr Arts, the work of the artists and the sense of optimism…

Feature 012565 Sarrita Fire 2

Sarrita King: Fire And What It Is To Be Human

In this interview, Sarrita King talks about the Elements series and the Fire story, as well as the influences of her father William King Jungala and sister Tarisse King. I’ll tell you a story. It brings a smile to my face because it’s so much about my Dad. He would always invite people in by telling a…

Mural West Primary School West Beechboro

Jade Dolman’s Passion For Aboriginal Art Education

Perth artist and educator Jade Dolman was barely out of high school when she realised her passion for indigenous art education. Through her consultancy J D Penangke she runs school workshops to get children excited about Aboriginal art and culture. Here she talks about her own indigenous background and what she would love to see in classrooms across…

Sarrita King - Gurindji Mirrwula 012631

Sarrita & Tarisse King – Reflecting On Gurindji and Wave Hill

Our next exhibition at Japingka Gallery features new works by Sarrita King and Tarisse King, opening 8th April 2016 in Fremantle. This year both Tarisse and Sarrita are thinking about their father William King Jungala, and about his country around Wave Hill. This place is about 600 kilometres south of Darwin and it is the…

Feature Ana Nail Teacher 2

Ana Nail – Curriculum, Aboriginal Art and Intent

Geographe Primary School Visual Arts teacher Ana Nail has a passion for helping her students understand Aboriginal art. Her work in this area has been recognised by a WA Premier’s Primary Teacher of the Year award. Ana contributes to both National and State arts curriculum development. In this interview Ana reflects on what is changing…