Mowanjum Festival

The Mowanjum Art centre hosts one of Western Australia’s great Aboriginal festival days – 11 July 2013.

MOWANJUM 2013 Festival Poster

Mowanjum Festival is always a great event, a pure piece of Kimberley Aboriginal heritage and theatre. If you are anywhere near Derby in the West Kimberley on 11 July you must get there.

Aboriginal dancers from all around the Kimberley will be there in force to present their traditional events – a rare chance to see and hear the cultural songs and corroborees from around that extraordinary region.

This year’s event is being held on Thursday 11 July from 2pm at the Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre. There will be free workshops from 2pm. When night falls the dancers assemble and the Corroboree starts from 6pm. One of the feature groups this year will be the Mirrawong Gajerrong dancers from Kununurra. And there are always a massive group over 100 dancers from the Mowanjum groups.

The festival grounds are located beside the Mowanjum Art centre, located about 10 Km from Derby, and 3 kms on the Gibb River Rd turn off.

Food and drink is available on site, the food has been known to run out... the event is alcohol free. Enquires can be made to Peter Kroll on 9191 1008. The art gallery will be open from 2 till 9 pm.