Collector Offers Rare Aboriginal Art From Australia’s Best

I'm excited to be announcing a collection of rare works by Aboriginal artists in an exhibition at Japingka Gallery from 18 July - 20 August called Private Eye. Click here to view the exhibition.

The exhibition will include works from famous Australian Aboriginal artists including Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Naata Nungurrayi, Jackie Giles, Johnny Warangkula, Elizabeth Nyumi, Lucy Yukenbarri, Mitjili Gibson, Maxie Tjampitjinpa and Jimmy Pike.

The National Gallery of Australia writes citing Emily Kame Kngwarreye as "one of Australia's leading painters of modern times.", and the National Museum of Australia talks of "the genius of Emily Kame Kngwarreye".

This exhibition has come about through private collectors deciding to put significant works from their collection up for sale. This offers art buyers and students of Aboriginal art a great opportunity to survey this significant period in contemporary Aboriginal art through the eyes of collectors.

I’m also thrilled because the exhibition brings to the market many works from major artists not seen publicly since their purchase in the 1990’s.

These works are especially important to us because many of these paintings are from great artists who have passed away and whose work is rarely on view in public galleries.

What we really have here is a snapshot of works from senior artists at earlier stages of their careers.

They produced their art under specific conditions that gave rise to qualities that are unique to that period of the Aboriginal art movement.

I feel that the exhibition offers us an insight into how WA collectors built a collection of works during this important chapter of Australian art history.

It’s still a few weeks before the exhibition opens but there’s a buzz around here already.

We’re all looking forward to sharing this special collection with you.

Note: after the exhibition launch, we published an article covering The Emily Kngwarreye Phenonemon.