What Do You Need To Start Your Aboriginal Art Collection?

Cross Roads, Argyle Hill by Rover Thomas Jap 010522

It’s always a pleasure to hear stories from people about how they first fell in love with Aboriginal art.

One thing that I hear in all the stories is the spark of passion that happens at the very beginning. They saw one particular painting and that was it.

Their journey as a collector had just begun.

We’ve started inviting some of our collectors in for a chat, to talk about how they came to buy their first painting and what it was that captured their initial interest. Some have been collecting for decades, others only in the last year.

The theme that comes through is love. They saw a picture and it stayed with them. It was important to them and generated an uplifting emotion. It blew them away.

It is rare that people buy only from the point of view of investment. This is even true of collectors who have made a lot of money buying and selling art.

When we ask them to pass on advice to collectors just starting out they always say - buy what you love, what excites you, what you can’t stop thinking about.

I still enjoy seeing the emotional response of people who walk into our gallery for the first time. So often people stop in their tracks, look around and say “wow”.

All of us here know that feeling. This art is so special and we love displaying it, talking about it and meeting the people who share our passion.

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