Activity 9

Dot Artwork Painting (2 Sessions)

In this activity, students transfer their ideas by painting dots as a second layer of meaning onto their painted foam ball, representing some more information they wish to share about their family.


Western Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions

Development of artistic processes and techniques to explore visual conventions through shape and colour to create artwork.

Use of techniques and processes and exploration of art forms.

Australian Curriculum Version 8.3 Content Descriptions

Use materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artworks (ACAVAM111).


Painted foam balls.

Cotton buds for each student.

Egg carton lid for dotting tools (cotton buds) to rest on. Each group to have an egg carton with a range of colours according to their foam ball’s background colour – referred to in class as the family colour.

4 paintbrushes to mix colours with – not to paint with. Halved egg cartons to mix colours.

Airtight containers with cups of their family colour. Washing up equipment.




Review previous lessons; focus the discussion on linking activities as part of a creative process.

Discuss how students have begun to represent an idea of their family using symbolic and/or pictorial representation. They used dots to represent an idea instead of painting a picture of a scene using lines. For example, instead of painting a beach scene students used harmonious colours in a wave pattern around the foam ball, etc.

Discuss the technique of “dotting”. As artists, students need to focus their dot painting technique so that every dot has been considered: how it is created, where it is placed and what colour is used. Demonstrate/review keeping the dotting implement (cotton bud) motion straight up and down, changing cotton buds when they become fuzzy, and encourage students to think about the paint colours being used – they need to be harmonious.

Remind students to be slow and decisive not rushed, to keep equal spaces between the dots and to use equal pressure, etc.

Review how their workspace should be set up. Apron on, coat hanger under the desk, foam ball on desk – sitting it on top of family colour cup works well, egg carton lid between to rest their cotton bud on, paints in an egg carton, half egg carton to mix in, etc.

Students start work.

When finished, for clean-up students may need to:

• Put their foam ball in the appropriate place for drying

• Place cotton buds in bin

• Wash their paintbrush and leave at their desk for end-of-class check

• Wipe their desk clean with damp sponge and then dry with old towel

• Recycle egg cartons

• Put apron on hanger


For this documented project, Year 4 students required one 50-minute lesson.

© This lesson plan has been created by Ana Nail and Japingka Gallery. Educational study use encouraged.

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