Lesson-11-Feature-Image-Red-PlateActivity 11

Mini-Sculpture Painting

This activity provides an opportunity for students to include the visual arts element of colour to add meaning to their sculptures.


Western Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions

Development of artistic processes and techniques to explore visual conventions through colour to create artwork.

Use of techniques and processes and exploration of art forms.

Australian Curriculum Version 8.3 Content Descriptions

Use materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artworks (ACAVAM111).


Students’ air-dried family symbols from the previous activity.

Paints (tempera paint used in the shared example).

Paintbrushes, water pots.

Washing up equipment.


Review previous lesson, in which students created mini-sculptures that represented or symbolised members of their family. Explain that during this activity students will choose and apply colour to these mini-sculptures.

Discuss how students can use colour realistically or symbolically when painting their mini-sculptures.

Introduce the medium/s to be used for adding colour to these mini-sculptures and explain/revise techniques.

When completed the mini-sculptures will need to be left to dry on a named, plastic plate.


For this documented project, Year 4 students required one 50-minute lesson.

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