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Final Artwork Creation


Western Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions

Development of artistic processes and techniques to explore visual conventions through shape, colour, form, line and texture to create artwork.

Use of techniques and processes and exploration of art forms.

Presentation and display of artwork with consideration of visual appeal/aesthetics.

Australian Curriculum Version 8.3 Content Descriptions

Use materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artworks (ACAVAM111).


Students’ painted family symbols from the previous activity.

Low-temperature glue guns.

Assorted materials such as coloured pipe-cleaners, coloured thin wires, coloured string, wool, beads, etc.


Students will independently make decisions on how and where to attach their mini-sculptures to their painted foam ball.

Encourage students to explore and experiment with the assorted materials. Ask students for suggestions as to how these materials could be used
to attach the mini-sculptures to their painted foam balls.

Using students’ suggestions, discuss different ways they could attach their mini-sculptures. For example, “Will you use the glue gun and attach the sculptures directly onto your foam ball, or are these sculptures hanging? If so, how and what way? Loosely with string or... ?”

Outline students’ task for this activity. The task involves a series of decisions and actions.

1. Where will I attach my mini-sculptures? Directly on the painted foam ball or in the space around the painted foam ball?

2. How will I attach my mini-sculptures? Will I use a glue gun? Will I insert a wire into the foam ball?

3. Should I add any embellishments? Should I thread beads and twist my wire? Should I glue string onto my foam ball to emphasise a pattern?

4. What action will my decision need? What materials and equipment will I need?


For this documented project, Year 4 students required one 50-minute lesson.

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