Activity 3

Colour Value


Western Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions

Development of artistic processes and techniques to explore visual conventions through colour and value to create artwork.

Use of techniques and processes and exploration of art forms.

Australian Curriculum Version 8 Content Descriptions

Use materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artworks (ACAVAM111).



A range of acrylic paint colours used to create their family colour.

Worksheet for Lesson Plan 3, A3 printed.

Paintbrushes, a surface or containers to mix paint in, water pots, aprons, cleaning up equipment.


Depending on students’ prior knowledge, teach and/or review basic value/tone theory, such as tints and shades.

Explain worksheet.

1. Asks students to paint the circle shape, with a paint colour that they feel represents their own family. Students may use the colour explored from the previous activity. Some may, after reflection, change the colour chosen. If a student decides to change their family colour, it’s a great opportunity to discuss the reasons behind their decision.

Demonstrate painting the circle, discuss paintbrush techniques such as the amount of paint on the brush, outlining the shape and staying within the circle’s shape and filling in the area.

Read and discuss the definitions of value, tint and shade.

2. Demonstrate, using the same paint colour as used in the circle (their family colour) painting the middle rectangle in the row diagram. Once again, discuss paintbrush control and techniques.

3. Demonstrate, mixing white paint with the family colour to create different tone, the creation of “tints”. The more white used the lighter the colour. Remind students to separate some of their family colour to mix with the white rather than mixing white paint directly into their family colour. The latter would change their family colour, making the creation of shades di cult.

4. Similar to mixing the tints, demonstrate mixing shades by mixing black with the family colour.

Students set up their workspace, write their name on the worksheet and complete the worksheet’s activity.

Clean up when activity is completed.


For this documented project, Year 4 students required one 50-minute lesson.

© This lesson plan has been created by Ana Nail and Japingka Gallery. Educational study use encouraged.

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