Activity 9

In this activity, students glue/collage their cut, painted paper leaves onto the "bush floor" painting, creating a harmonious, balanced artwork.

Curriculum content descriptions

Western Australian Curriculum

Artistic processes and techniques to explore visual conventions when making artworks: shape, colour, space and texture.

Australian Curriculum Version 8 Content Descriptions

Use materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artworks (ACAVAM111).


"Bush floor" background painted A3 paper.
At least 20 cut out paper leaves.
Glue (PVA glue – polyvinyl acetate – was used in the pictured examples).
Glue brushes (depending on the glue used).


Once a harmonious and balanced arrangement has been temporarily kept in place with Blu Tack, students can glue paper leaves to their background page.

Depending on prior learning, students may need a demonstration about what type of glue to use, application of glue, etc.

Remind students that they will need to remove the Blu Tack before applying the glue to the back of the painted paper leaf.

Students complete the production of their artwork.

Teacher Notes

Before glueing, test different types of glue to see if they wrinkle, stick, etc. This is ideally done as a demonstration before students need to glue their leaves on. Testing the different glues is a great visual reminder for students about why artists experiment and test materials and equipment.


For this documented project, Year 3 students required one 50-minute lesson.

© This lesson plan has been created by Ana Nail and Japingka Gallery. Educational study use encouraged.

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