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Activity 4

Painting, using a variety of tools, to create a bush floor painting

This activity creates a painted paper, which will be used later as the base for the student's artwork. It also provides an opportunity for students to explore a range of tools to paint and create implied texture.

Curriculum content descriptions

Western Australian Curriculum

Artistic processes and techniques to explore visual conventions when making artworks: shape, colour, space and texture.

Australian Curriculum Version 8 Content Descriptions

Use materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artworks (ACAVAM111).


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Steel pot scourers, foam pieces, corks and leaves.
Acrylic paint – colours appropriate for a bush or. For this example, ochre, dark green, burnt sienna, brown umber, purple and black were used.
A3 cartridge paper and lead pencils to write name on back of paper. Washing up buckets.


Similar to previous activities, this activity requires students to paint an A3 piece of paper with acrylic paint. But the inspiration for the activity is not only the beautiful varied colours of the leaves but also the bush floor.

If possible, walk through a bush setting or share images of a local area of bush. Discuss the various colours seen, the textures noticed, etc.

Back in the room, recap. The focus is to create a general representation of the bush floor, not one with details of individual leaves, etc., but a background for an artwork which students will cut and glue leaves onto.

Explain that previous painting activities created paper for the leaves to be drawn and cut out from and that this activity is creating a background for these leaves to be collaged on.

Demonstrate setting up the workspace for painting the background.

Discuss the variety of art tools. In previous activities, paintbrushes were used to apply and make marks with.

Demonstrate building on the last lesson, exploring painting techniques. In this activity, students have additional tools to use such as pot scourer, sponges, corks and leaves.

Students to set up their workspace, check their name is on the back of the paper and start their painting. Students complete background bush or painting and clean up.

Teacher Notes

This activity adds to students’ experiences that painting can be created in a variety of ways using a variety of tools.


For this documented project, Year 3 students required one 50-minute lesson.

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