Activity 11

This activity gives students an opportunity to reflect on their own artwork.

Curriculum content descriptions

Western Australian Curriculum

Responses to their own and others’ artworks reflecting on the use of artistic elements, using visual arts terminology.

Australian Curriculum Version 8 Content Descriptions

Present artworks and describe how they have used visual conventions to represent their ideas (ACAVAM112).


Finished artworks.
Final Artwork Response Worksheet for Lesson Plan 11.
Writing equipment.
Visual images of Bush Medicine Leaves artworks by Utopian artists.


Display students’ finished artworks. For example, the artworks could be photographed, placed into a Powerpoint and shared.

Reflect upon the project, its process, its intention and the Utopian artist influence.

Display the Final Artwork Response Worksheet for Lesson Plan 11.

Discuss questions 1, 2 and 3

Students complete questions 1 – 3.

Regroup students, display one student's example, ask students to consider the following: "If you were magical, what ailment/disease would your bush medicine cure?" *see Teacher notes.

Explain to the students that their task is to name their artwork but this name needs to reflect which ailment/disease their "magical" bush medicine leaves would cure.

Discuss questions 4 and 5.

Students complete questions 4 and 5.

Regroup students and discuss questions 6 and 7.

Students complete questions 6 – 7.

Regroup students and discuss question 8.

Students complete question 8.

Teacher Notes

* In preparation for this lesson, consider/check/investigate if any students have family or friends who may be seriously ill or who passed away recently. If so seek advice from the school psychologist, teacher or parents/guardians.


For this documented project, Year 3 students required one 50-minute lesson.

© This lesson plan has been created by Ana Nail and Japingka Gallery. Educational study use encouraged.

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