SmithDavidson Gallery

SmithDavidson Gallery


The SmithDavidson Gallery, with locations in Amsterdam and Miami, has cultivated a robust reputation for presenting high-quality art across a spectrum of genres, with a significant emphasis on Australian Aboriginal paintings. It prides itself on a diverse collection that includes both traditional Aboriginal artworks, characterised by their rich cultural heritage and unique visual languages, as well as pieces by contemporary Indigenous artists who bring a modern perspective to age-old narratives and techniques. Exhibitions at SmithDavidson are thoughtfully curated to offer an enlightening journey through the vivid landscapes and stories of Aboriginal Australia, celebrating the profound spirituality and connection to land that these works embody. For those interested in exploring the intersection of historic artistry and contemporary expression, SmithDavidson Gallery is a bastion of cultural and artistic convergence.

Country: The Netherlands

Location: Amsterdam

Image Citation: Mamultjulkunga by George 'Hairbrush' Tjungurrayi. Image via SmithDavidson Gallery