Aboriginal Art Amsterdam

Aboriginal Art Amsterdam


Aboriginal Art Amsterdam is a gallery that specialises in Australian Aboriginal Art. It’s dedicated to promoting and showcasing the rich artistic traditions of Australian Indigenous communities, offering a platform to explore and appreciate the cultural and artistic diversity of Australian Aboriginal Art in Amsterdam.

Aboriginal Art Amsterdam is a distinguished gallery that specialises in the exhibition and sale of contemporary and traditional Australian Aboriginal paintings. Embracing the rich tapestry of the world’s oldest living culture, this gallery showcases a diverse range of works, from intricate dot paintings that convey the spiritual Dreamtime stories to contemporary pieces that comment on modern Indigenous experiences. The gallery not only provides a window into the soulful artistry of Aboriginal painters but also plays a vital role in educating the public about the cultural significance of these works, often hosting exhibitions that highlight the dynamic evolution of Aboriginal art. For the most current and specific information on exhibitions, it would be best to visit the gallery’s official website directly.

Country: The Netherlands

Location: Amsterdam

Image Citation: Women's Ceremony by Minnie Pwerle. Image via Aboriginal Art Amsterdam