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Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery present a wide range of artworks from Australian Indigenous artists for purchase. Use the Add to Enquiry Cart icon underneath artworks to enquire about current availability and pricing.
Purchases are covered by a 100% money back guarantee for 21 days.

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About Our Aboriginal Artwork Collections

With over 4,500 artworks in stock, Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery has developed a unique and comprehensive range of quality Aboriginal paintings. We have presented them in collection pages that we trust will help you to find the styles and range that appeal to you.

Stockroom collections show a general cross-section of artworks from the gallery storerooms. Stockroom collections present artworks not usually seen beside each other, so there are contrasts and comparisons between the many works.

What’s New shows recently acquired artworks. These are part of the hundreds of works arriving at the gallery from represented artists and communities.

Collectors’ Gallery shows significant works from iconic artists that are likely to be of interest to collectors of Aboriginal Art.

Aboriginal Art Regions provides a break up of artwork from the many different regions of Australia. By grouping the paintings within regions, we hope the regional style and characteristics can be recognised and help identify styles or regions that appeal to you.

Large Paintings presents artworks suitable for large spaces, with paintings in the range from 2 metres to 3 metres in width. These are ideal for corporate spaces and feature walls of larger modern residences.

Aboriginal Dot Art focuses on artworks that present the most recognisable aspect of Indigenous art, the fine dot painting associated with the central desert regions of Australia.

Aboriginal Artefacts are all hand carved and authentic Indigenous items from hunting implements to carvings, bark paintings, weapons and carrying bowls.

Aboriginal Landscape Art is a collection of paintings that define and extend the image of a landscape painting from Indigenous Australia. While a vast number of paintings could be considered as landscapes, we have curated what we hope will be a diverse but focused selection of work.

Aboriginal Art Prints are hand-made and limited edition works on paper by leading Aboriginal artists. The collection includes etchings, lithographs, screenprints, woodblock prints and linocuts. These art prints are a more affordable way to buy works by major artists.

Colour collections are groupings of artwork by the dominant colour tones of the work. There is a page each for Red, Blue, Gold, Ochre, Pink, Black and White. They allow designers and home owners to browse the collection considering the colour perspective of the artwork

All the artworks from these pages are available for sale by enquiry. We hope you find this survey of art a useful way to view the collection.

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