Crocodile Artworks & Paintings

Crocodile artwork comes mostly from Aboriginal artists of the north of Australia, and is connected both with hunting and with Creation stories and totems.


Crocodile & Barramundi by Oenpelli Bark - artist unknown

Oenpelli Bark - artist unknown  |  Crocodile & Barramundi

Jap 010635  |  ochre on bark  |  54 x 28 cm


Crocodile, Fish, Crayfish by Simon Lobo Badari

Simon Lobo Badari  |  Crocodile, Fish, Crayfish

Jap 010641  |  ochre on paper  |  153 x 102 cm


Crocodile & Fish by Oenpelli - artist unknown

Oenpelli - artist unknown  |  Crocodile & Fish

Jap 010642  |  ochre on paper  |  149 x 47 cm


Crocodile Hunters by Edward Blitner

Edward Blitner  |  Crocodile Hunters

Jap 009034  |  acrylic on linen  |  60 x 60 cm


Awurrapun – Crocodile Story by Kerry Madawyn McCarthy

Kerry Madawyn McCarthy  |  Awurrapun – Crocodile Story

Jap 009554  |  acrylic on linen  |  120 x 90 cm


Wandjinas & Crocodile by Mildred Mungulu

Mildred Mungulu  |  Wandjinas & Crocodile

Jap 007473  |  ochre on canvas  |  146 x 124 cm


Wandjinas and Crocodile by Mabel King

Mabel King  |  Wandjinas and Crocodile

Jap 008118  |  acrylic on canvas  |  142 x 52 cm


Wandjina, Crocodile and Wullamurrunge by Mabel King

Mabel King  |  Wandjina, Crocodile and Wullamurrunge

Jap 008105  |  acrylic on canvas  |  72 x 61 cm


Wandjina & Unguds by Alison Burgu

Alison Burgu  |  Wandjina & Unguds

Jap 007474  |  ochre on canvas  |  139 x 70 cm


Awurrapun – Crocodile Story by Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty

Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty  |  Awurrapun – Crocodile Story

Jap 005992  |  acrylic on linen  |  158 x 120 cm


Wandjina and Crocodile by Mabel King

Mabel King  |  Wandjina and Crocodile

Jap 008109  |  acrylic on canvas  |  71 x 61 cm


Koedal Augadhalaig by Alick Tipoti

Alick Tipoti  |  Koedal Augadhalaig

Jap 008971  |  limited edition linocut  |  41 x 56 cm


Crocodile by Jacky Jaminmarala Pascoe

Jacky Jaminmarala Pascoe  |  Crocodile

Jap 005303  |  ochre on bark


Crocodile Totem by Timor Carving

Timor Carving  |  Crocodile Totem

Jap 009826  |  local wood  |  length 40 cm


Crocodile Totem by Timor Carving

Timor Carving  |  Crocodile Totem

Jap 009828  |  local wood  |  length 33 cm


Wandjina, Dumbi & Unguds by Theresa Numendumah

Theresa Numendumah  |  Wandjina, Dumbi & Unguds

Jap 007516  |  ochre on canvas  |  50 x 40 cm


Koedalal ar Sapural by Alick Tipoti

Alick Tipoti  |  Koedalal ar Sapural

Jap 008973  |  limited edition linocut  |  41 x 56 cm


Crocodile Men Story by Djambu Barra Barra

Djambu Barra Barra  |  Crocodile Men Story

Jap 010512  |  acrylic on canvas  |  236 x 133 cm


Crocodile Kinga by Simon Badari

Simon Badari  |  Crocodile Kinga

Jap 012492  |  limited edition silkscreen  |  17 x 23 cm


The crocodile is a dominant animal in the waters of northern Australia, with different species found in both freshwater sites and in the sea. Crocodile paintings reflect the Aboriginal history of co-existence with the animal world. The crocodile is part of the Dreaming Creation stories in areas where they crocodiles are common in the environment. Crocodile paintings come from Aboriginal communities in Kimberley, Northern Territory, Arnhemland, Queensland and island communities off the North coast of Australia.

At Daly River in Northern Territory a traditional story tells about the origin of the patterns on crocodile skin. A man famous for his fishing skills was stalked by other jealous men from his tribe. They wanted to kill him and so crept up and threw a fishing net over him. They bound him up and threw him in the river. Then his wife wrapped herself up in her own fishing net and out of despair drowned herself in the river. The husband and wife formed into the saltwater crocodile. The crocodile skin still has the pattern formed by the bodies of these two people – the little squares are where the bodies bulge out from their nets.

Crocodiles are associated with totems around Creation spirits in the Kimberley. Rock art galleries of northern Australia show images of the crocodile that date back thousands of years.

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