Kerry Madawyn McCarthy

Kerry McCarthy - Daly River artist, paints images of bush foods and coastal life.


Sunmat by Kerry McCarthy

Kerry McCarthy   |  Sunmat

Jap 012403  |  acrylic on linen  |  150 x 60 cm


Medicine Leaf by Kerry Madawyn McCarthy

Kerry Madawyn McCarthy   |  Medicine Leaf

Jap 011494  |  acrylic on linen  |  90 x 60 cm

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Aurrapun – Crocodile Story by Kerry Madawyn McCarthy

Kerry Madawyn McCarthy   |  Aurrapun – Crocodile Story

Jap 011854  |  acrylic on linen  |  90 x 76 cm


Indigenous artist Kerry Madawyn McCarthy was at Japingka Gallery to open her first solo exhibition in October 2013. Kerry Madawyn McCarthy had been working as an artist for nearly two decades, so it was a great thrill for the gallery to host this premiere solo exhibition.

Many of Kerry’s paintings were in black and white, elegant paintings featuring fine line work with depth of detail. The few richly coloured works in the exhibition were also quickly bought up by collectors. While still an emerging artist in the world of Aboriginal art, Kerry Madawyn McCarthy brings a sophistication and technical skill that says she will have a successful career ahead of her.

Recognisable in the artist’s work are beautiful observations of the patterns in nature, as found in the river or seas around her family homelands at Daly River. Japingka Gallery is pleased to represent Kerry Madawyn McCarthy and looks forward to presenting her next exhibition. A selection of paintings by Kerry Madawyn McCarthy is available from Japingka Gallery, where collectors can buy Aboriginal art online with certainty of quality, authenticity and provenance of art works. Aboriginal art status  – Emerging artist.

Selected Exhibitions

1995  Merrepen Arts
2011  Bulgul Way, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne VIC
2011  In Black and White, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA
2012  Desert Gold, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA
2013  Kerry Madawyn McCarthy, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA
2014  Dot Code: Desert Artists, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA