Edward Blitner – Stories from my Grandfather

Gallery 2

5 June - 18 July 2012


Magpie Geese by Jimmy Djelminy

Jimmy Djelminy  |  Magpie Geese

Jap 000294  |  ochre on Arches paper  |  77x 57 cm

Kangaroo by Billy Dullman

Billy Dullman  |  Kangaroo

Jap 000088  |  ochre on Arches paper  |  75 x 55 cm

Kangaroo and Hunter by Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist  |  Kangaroo and Hunter

Jap 005321  |  ochre on bark  |  62 x 36 cm

Mimi Spirits and Campsite by Edward Blitner

Edward Blitner  |  Mimi Spirits and Campsite

Jap 008206  |  acrylic on canvas  |  117 x 97 cm

Barramundi and Fish Trap by England Banggala

England Banggala  |  Barramundi and Fish Trap

Jap 008201  |  lithograph  |  61 x 45 cm

Madi by Malalkapuy Munyarryun

Malalkapuy Munyarryun  |  Madi

Jap 004252  |  ochre on bark   |  125 x 49 cm

Mimi Spirits Dancing by Edward Blitner

Edward Blitner  |  Mimi Spirits Dancing

Jap 007005  |  acrylic on canvas  |  109 x 97 cm

Diving Duck – Gurrupudu by George Milpurrurru

George Milpurrurru   |  Diving Duck – Gurrupudu

Jap 007132  |  Silk Screenprint  |  79 x 56 cm

The Turtle Hunter by Andrew Margalulu

Andrew Margalulu  |  The Turtle Hunter

Jap 008200  |  woodblock print on paper  |  29 x 30 cm

Magpie Geese – Swamp Dreaming by Roy Burrunyula

Roy Burrunyula  |  Magpie Geese – Swamp Dreaming

Jap 008197  |  limited edition silkscreen  |  62 x 43 cm

Stone Spear Heads by Djardie Ashley

Djardie Ashley  |  Stone Spear Heads

Jap 008198  |  limited edition silkscreen  |  62 x 43 cm

Diving Duck by Andrew Margalulu

Andrew Margalulu  |  Diving Duck

Jap 008205  |  limited edition lino print  |  38 x 30 cm

Python Ancestral Spirits by Djardie Ashley

Djardie Ashley  |  Python Ancestral Spirits

Jap 008199  |  limited edition silkscreen  |  62 x 43 cm

Magpie Geese by Jimmy Djelminy

Jimmy Djelminy   |  Magpie Geese

Jap 000295  |  ochre on paper  |  105 x 75 cm

Edward Blitner’s paintings display the stylistic approach and subject matter associated with his traditional country along the Roper River in southern Arnhem Land. Blitner uses a palette of natural ochre colours and adopts the traditional patterning of cross-hatching that is known as rrarrk.
Edward Blitner was born in southern Arnhemland in 1961. His bush name is Taiita and he is from the Ngukkurr Community in Naiyarlindji country on the Roper River, approximately 270 km south-east of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

Edward Blitner started painting when he was seven, learning from his grandfather who painted with natural ochres on bark. He says of this time, “My grandfather would be painting on bark and we kids would sit around him and watch him grind the ochres and mix the colours. After a while he would tell us the story for that particular painting and also teach us the songs and dance for that story. When he was in a very good mood, he let us paint the sides of the bark painting. That was my start.”

Blitner paints the stories of people who live along the river country, their lives revolving around subsistence hunting in Marra, the Sea, or Alawa, the Freshwater Billabongs. His paintings depict the wealth of animal and plant life of the region and the rich wetlands of the Roper River stretching out to Boorroloola on the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Arnhem Land paintings and works on paper

Exhibiting Artists include: George Milpurrurru, England Bangala, Billy Dullman, Djardie Ashley, Jimmy Djelminy, Roy Burnyila and Andrew Wanambi.

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Edward Blitner