In Black and White

Gallery 1

August 26, 2011 - October 12, 2011


Salt on Mina Mina by Dorothy Napangardi

Dorothy Napangardi  |  Salt on Mina Mina

Jap 007451  |  acrylic on linen  |  200 x 100 cm


Sand Hills at Mina Mina by Dorothy Napangardi

Dorothy Napangardi  |  Sand Hills at Mina Mina

Jap 006513  |  acrylic on linen  |  150 x 90 cm


Wimparrku- Mt Webb by Mijili Napanangka Gibson

Mijili Napanangka Gibson  |  Wimparrku- Mt Webb

Jap 006980  |  acrylic on linen  |  180 x 115 cm


Ngaminya by Yinarupa Gibson Nangala

Yinarupa Gibson Nangala  |  Ngaminya

Jap 007414  |  acrylic on linen  |  90 x 60 cm


Syaw – Fish Net by Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty

Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty  |  Syaw – Fish Net

Jap 007369  |  acrylic on linen  |  180 x 120 cm


Rockholes and Sandhills by Lilly Kelly Napangardi

Lilly Kelly Napangardi  |  Rockholes and Sandhills

Jap 006069  |  acrylic on linen  |  178 x 119 cm


Uwalki Watiya Tjuta by Mitjili Napurrula

Mitjili Napurrula  |  Uwalki Watiya Tjuta

Jap 003970  |  acrylic on linen  |  98 x 72 cm


Ngapa Water Dreaming by Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa

Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa  |  Ngapa Water Dreaming

Jap 003613  |  acrylic on linen  |  205 x 153 cm

Angani Amurri – Goose Eggs by Kerry McCarthy Madawyn

Kerry McCarthy Madawyn  |  Angani Amurri – Goose Eggs

Jap 007334  |  acrylic on linen  |  122 x 91 cm


Minma Dreaming – Womens Story by Ningura Napurrula

Ningura Napurrula  |  Minma Dreaming – Womens Story

Jap 003735  |  acrylic on linen  |  119 x 60 cm


Wangunu Bush Damper by Fabrianne Peterson Nampitjinpa

Fabrianne Peterson Nampitjinpa  |  Wangunu Bush Damper

Jap 004717  |  acrylic on linen  |  127 x 93 cm


My Country by Anna Petyarre

Anna Petyarre  |  My Country

Jap 005053  |  acrylic on linen  |  120 x 90 cm


Tali by Lily Kelly Napangardi

Lily Kelly Napangardi  |  Tali

Jap 004581  |  acrylic on linen  |  150 x 100 cm


Seven Sisters Dreaming by Polly Jackson

Polly Jackson  |  Seven Sisters Dreaming

Jap 005879  |  acrylic on linen  |  90 x 90 cm


Rockhole by Kay Willis

Kay Willis  |  Rockhole

Jap 007302  |  acrylic on linen  |  90 x 90 cm


Nyrippi by Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri

Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri  |  Nyrippi

Jap 004582  |  acrylic on linen  |  152 x 91 cm

Country by Yondee Shane Hanson

Yondee Shane Hanson   |  Country

Jap 006429  |  166 x 89 cm


Sandhills at Mina Mina by Julie Nangala Robinson

Julie Nangala Robinson  |  Sandhills at Mina Mina

Jap 006933  |  acrylic on linen  |  90 x 90 cm


Ngaminya by Yinarupa Gibson Nangala

Yinarupa Gibson Nangala  |  Ngaminya

Jap 007415  |  acrylic on linen  |  300 x 120 cm


In a world where plasma screens and media images flash at us in myriad colours, Aboriginal art, when pared back to its most basic concepts, can be a revelation in design and structure. So it is with the current exhibition In Black and White at Japingka Gallery. The paintings, mostly from the western desert, vary from the most intricate patterns of desert sandhills or woven fish nets, through to schematic depictions of soakages and rockholes, and bold linear designs showing ‘spear-making’ trees and Tingari motifs.

Twenty seven indigenous artists have contributed to this exhibition, including many of the best known artists of their regions. All of these artists have steered away from the use of strong colour, which largely defines the look of western desert art, and in its place used a minimalist palette of black and white, occasionally adding one extra earth colour for contrast. The iconography of creation stories and topographical maps are particularly eloquent in the drama of these largely two-toned canvases.

Many of these Aboriginal artists have built their reputations on their signature use of black and white, through which they aim to create an energetic field that conjures up the traditional world of their desert homelands. Dorothy Napangardi is a well-known example. Painting the crusted structures of the salt lake at the women’s ceremonial grounds at Mina Mina, she recreates the power and importance of this ancestral site. Other famous women artists who work in this way include Lilly Kelly Napangardi, Ngoia Pollard Naplatjarri and Anna Price Petyarre, whose drifting images of their ancestral country, showing sandhills, dry river-beds and rockholes, capture the moving profile of the desert landscape.

This is a rare opportunity to view a collection of the finest works by some of Australia’s top and most highly regarded Indigenous artists, wirth special contributions from Mijili Napanangka Gibson, Helen McCarthy Tjalmuty and Ningura Napurrula.

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