Aboriginal Women Speaking About Art, Family & Country


We are always thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down and speak with artists about their work.

Japingka exhibits Aboriginal art from forty different regions right across Australia. A quick look at our Artists Page will show you the extraordinary diversity of that art.

Our exhibiting artists include artists who live in the cities and towns while others live in remote desert communities. You will find all ages represented from teenage to the very elderly. Subjects range from ancient stories to contemporary experience.

There are a couple of themes that consistently come up in conversations with artists. Here we’ve chosen interviews from three very different artists.  Each talks here about the influence of family and Country on their art.

Sarrita King is known for her artworks that connect land, experiences, family and kinship.  She collaborates with her sister Tarisse King, and their works are sought

after by collectors and galleries in Australia and internationally. Sarrita has Gurindji ancestry from the Northern Territory. In this interview she talks about the Elements series and the Fire story, as well as the influences of her father William King Jungala and sister Tarisse.


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Rosella Namok: Feeling For The Rain

Rosella Namok lives in Cairns, Queensland. She paints about her home near the Lockhart River, a twelve hour drive away. Many of her works feature the monsoon rain. She talks here about her life, her art and what she would like people to enjoy about her work.
Rosella Namok Artist Profile
View: Artworks by Rosella Namok

Maria Josette Orsto: In Conversation 


Maria Josette Orsto is an artist from the Tiwi Islands. These islands are part of the Northern Territory in Australia. They are 80 km to the north of Darwin where the Arafura Sea joins the Timor Sea. In this conversation Maria talks about her art and life on the Tiwi Islands.

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What My Father Jack Dale Taught Me

In this interview Edna Dale talks about her father and how he encouraged her to paint and keep their family stories alive. Edna still lives on her traditional land, painting and encouraging others to use art to tell their stories and keep their culture strong. 

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