Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)


The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), nestled in the heart of Toronto, Canada, stands as a distinguished beacon of artistic culture and history. This venerable institution, known for its diverse and expansive collections, has long been a hub for art enthusiasts and historians alike. Its long-term reputation is anchored in its extensive array of artworks, spanning from the First Nations and the Group of Seven to the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The AGO’s commitment to showcasing a wide range of art periods and styles has made it a cherished landmark for those who appreciate the richness of art history.

In recent years, the AGO has embraced contemporary art with open arms, dedicating significant space and resources to modern and postmodern pieces. This shift towards contemporary art has been well-received, allowing visitors to explore a dynamic blend of old and new.

AGO has the largest collection of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork in Canada, with 1,000 pieces. The collection can be explored in special exhibitions that highlight its works from New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, with a focus on artwork from the northern and central part of the continent.

In essence, the Art Gallery of Ontario stands as a testament to the evolving journey of art. Its enduring commitment to both historical and contemporary art, exemplified by its special exhibitions on Australian Aboriginal Art, makes it a unique and invaluable asset in the global art community. For art lovers and novices alike, a visit to the AGO promises a rich tapestry of artistic expression that spans time and space, offering a window into both the past and the present of the art world.

Country: Canada

Location: Toronto

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