Julie Nangala Robertson

Julie Nangala Robertson, daughter of famed Warlpiri artist Dorothy Napangardi, paints Pirlinyanu, rocky outcrops and Water Dreaming


Ngapa Jukurrpa – Water Dreaming by Julie Nangala Robertson

Julie Nangala Robertson  |  Ngapa Jukurrpa – Water Dreaming

Jap 013561  |  acrylic on linen  |  136 x 98 cm

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Julie Nangala Robertson was born in 1973 and spent her early life around Warlpiri painters working in Alice Springs and Yuendumu. Julie began painting when still a young woman, and developed her style of refined dot painting that had some of the rhythms and movements of her mother Dorothy Napangardi’s paintings of the Mina Mina Dreaming site. Julie Nangala Robertson tends to paint using a close palette of earth colours with black and white, and emphasises the flow of the designs associated with her country.

As the traditional custodian of Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) Julie’s paintings rely on her creative pursuit of a unique blend of stylised experimentation and ancient narrative to express the story and culture of her ancestors.  While Julie Nangala Robertson’s palette most typically consists of whites, greys and earth colours, she also paints in combinations of red, black and white to create bold contemporary works. Julie is sometimes wrongly recorded under the name Julie Nangala Robinson, which relates to an historical mistake with her mother’s name.