Andrea Adamson

Andrea Adamson Tiger, born Amata on APY Lands, paints Seven Sisters Dreaming from her family lands and the rockholes where the songline connects.

Andrea Adamson Tiger is a Pitjantjatjara artist born at Amata in the APY Lands of South Australia. She was encouraged into painting by her father Tony Adamson as a means to envigorate the Anangu cultural stories that her family share. Andrea has lived and worked in Alice Springs and at Uluru, Ayres Rock, as an Indigenous guide.

Andrea Adamson has been part of the ceremonial and cultural events that take part on her homelands where the songs and dances celebrate the Tjukurrpa or Dreaming Law relating to her people. One of the major Dreaming stories that spans many adjoining Aboriginal lands is the Seven Sisters Jukurrpa. In this Creation story the Seven Sisters travelled across the lands as they were being pursued by Wati Nyiru, who wanted a wife but was the wrong skin group for the sisters.

As they tried to escape their pursuer the Seven Sisters created the sacred sites and waterholes and many features of the landscape. At one location the sisters created a deep rockhole where they dived under a hill escaping up into the sky on the other side. Here they are seen as the star cluster Seven Sisters, or Pleaides, and Wati Nyiru is a bright star that continues to follow after them.

Andrea Adamson paints the epic narratives of her homelands, showing the Country and the many features that relate to the Seven Sisters story. Her work is stylistically linked to the traditions of artists of the APY lands.