Ampilatwatja Paintings

A selection of paintings showing the styles from this Aboriginal art region - some paintings may still be available for sale, while some may have been sold.


Bush Flowers and Bush Medicine Plant by Margaret Kemarre Ross

Margaret Kemarre Ross  |  Bush Flowers and Bush Medicine Plant

Jap 014603  |  acrylic on linen  |  107 x 76 cm

View Of Country by Desma Ngwarraye Turner

Desma Ngwarraye Turner  |  View Of Country

Jap 015512  |  acrylic on linen  |  30 x 30 cm

My Country by Alana  Ngwarraye Holmes

Alana Ngwarraye Holmes  |  My Country

Jap 014604  |  acrylic on canvas  |  91 x 61 cm

Bush Flowers and Bush Medicine Plants by Margaret Kemarre Ross

Margaret Kemarre Ross  |  Bush Flowers and Bush Medicine Plants

Jap 014743  |  acrylic on linen  |  30 x 30 cm

Ntang Native Seeds by Barbara Ngwarraye Long

Barbara Ngwarraye Long  |  Ntang Native Seeds

Jap 014607  |  acrylic on linen  |  91 x 61 cm

Ampilatwatja is the largest of three communities under the Aherrenge Aboriginal Association in Central Australia. It is located in the Northern Territory about 320 km north-east of Alice Springs. The Aboriginal artists of Ampilatwatja form part of the Alywarr language group.

In 1999, a community arts centre was established, under the banner Artists of Ampilatwatja. This has provided the community with the means to increase economic opportunities, while at the same time reinforcing the value of the Alywarr culture.

Ampilatwatja paintings maintain a strong focus on Alywarr lore, with a particular emphasis on the natural landscape. The artists’ work is distinguished by the microcosmic detail invested in elements of landscape, all of which is marked out in the finest of dot painting, using a rich palette of colours. Today Ampilatwatja artists exhibit widely, and are recognised as a distinct Aboriginal art group, vibrant and creative, within the Central Desert art movement.

Ampilatwatja Artists – Exhibition