Rosella Namok’s New Paintings of the Queensland Coast

Sunset Rain - Rosella Namok - Jap 011311

December 10, 2014 by Jamie Plunkett

The weather is breaking along the north Queensland coast and the Wet season is on its way. Rosella Namok has captured some of the rainy season in Cairns in a new series of paintings that have just arrived at Japingka Gallery. Titles like ‘Late Afternoon - Stinging Rain’ and ‘Salmon Season - Shower Rain’ give a sense of how the time of day and the light effect the way the artist has developed these artworks.

These paintings are luminous with colour and heavy with the sense of impending rainstorm. Rosella Namok has been a firm favourite with buyers, flowing from her November 2013 exhibition at Japingka Gallery, entitled Naagchi Ngumu’luugku - I Come from Here – Lockhart River, Cape York.

Rosella has enjoyed success with her art career both nationally and internationally, with over 30 exhibitions and representation in all major Australian public galleries. Two of her artworks were commissioned  in 2013 to become remarkable backdrops for the performance of Stravinsky’s ballet the ‘Rite of Spring’ in the USA. Her dramatic large scale paintings lend themselves beautifully to this type of impressive display.

We look forward to seeing more of Rosella’s artworks in the gallery.

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See some of the new paintings here.