Here’s Our New Exhibition From The Spinifex Arts Project

Myrtle Pennington | Kanpa. Spinifex Arts Project Jap 011059

There's so much excitement here at as we prepare for the new show by the Spinifex Arts Project.

These works are so powerful and vibrant. It’s easy to see why they're enjoying so much international success right now. In the last year they've had successful shows in Germany and Singapore, and the British Museum have added two more of their works to it’s collection.

We are so proud to see the way the Spinifex Arts Project has developed - following their debut exhibition in Melbourne (in 2002), Japingka Gallery hosted their second exhibition (also in 2002), and we've held six more exhibitions of their work over the last 11 years.

If you’d like some more background on the exhibition and the life of the artists who produce this extraordinary work, you can have a look at two articles we’ve published about the Spinifex Arts Project. These are both based on interviews with Amanda Dent, Manager of the project.

In Everyday Spirituality: Paintings from The Spinifex Arts Project, Amanda reflects on where the artists draw their inspiration from and why she feels their work is attracting so much attention. In Working With The Spinifex Arts Project, Amanda describes some of the unique aspects of working with a remote desert community and an arts project such as the Spinifex Arts Project.

It is amazing to understand that these artists are producing all this quality art with the only supporting infrastructure being a shipping container for storing art materials.

For three months of the year the artists cannot work because there is no sheltered working space or studio to work in away from the heat and wind. What these artists manage to achieve in the remainder of the year says much about their passion and commitment.

I’m really hoping you will get to see this new Spinifex Arts Project exhibition when it opens here at Japingka on Fri 10 October (6:30pm start, free entry) and get to see first hand what all the excitement is about.

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