New Affordable Aboriginal Paintings – Recently Arrived

Women's Ceremony - Narpulla - Jap 011381

January 20, 2015 by David Wroth

Pintupi artists Monica Napaltjarri and Narpulla Scobie have painted some beautiful small works which have just recently arrived at the gallery. Monica Napaltjarri uses traditional iconography of the Western Desert and her
work features a restrained palette based around earth colours. Her subject matter relates to ancestral country from her grandmother and women’s sacred sites.

Narpulla Scobie was amongst the first of the Western Desert women artists to start painting in her own right. Her paintings focus on women’s ceremonies and the body painting rituals that the women undertake. Both these artists have made small and intimate paintings, measuring 60 x 46 cm and 60 x 30 cm, which are collectable and affordable, presenting great examples of the artistic style from the Kintore region. Some examples of these artists’ works can be found on our Affordable Art page – click on the link to see more.