New Aboriginal Art Education Resource For Schools

We're excited to be launching our new Aboriginal Art Education Resources page for teachers and educators.

The page is designed to make our resources accessible and useful for teachers who want to present lessons that incorporate Aboriginal art. This might be to teach about aspects of Aboriginal art, or where artworks might help illustrate broader topics around culture and history.

We'll be continuing to build on this resource, and are interested in hearing from teachers who may have suggestions about how we can make it more useful.

Here are the initial categories we've developed:

  • Themes: resources by Theme such as Animals, Weather, Place, Culture
  • Languages: resources by language
  • Stories: resources relating to aboriginal storylines
  • History: resources relating to the history of Aboriginal art
  • Styles: traditional, dot painting, contemporary
  • Regions: resources by locality or origin of the artists
  • Artists: resources relating to individual aboriginal artists
  • Guides: introductory guides to relevant topics – custodianship, styles & colours, cell biology

You'll find a contact form at the bottom of the page if you'd like to send us your requests or suggestions.

View: Aboriginal Art Education Resources