Landscape Colours and Patterns on Show At Japingka

Polly Ngale | Bush Yam | Jap 015905

We are excited to start off the year with the Landscape Colours exhibition this Friday night at Japingka. The collection draws together some famous artists’ work sitting alongside the art of some very talented rising stars. 

We wanted to show how Aboriginal people respond to landscape. We also wanted to celebrate the extraordinary diversity in the colour palettes that they use. These paintings are not just about the terrain, they are also about the metaphysical maps that sit over each artist’s country.

The exhibition includes some wonderful works by Gloria Petyarre, Polly Ngale and Emily Pwerle all from Utopia. There’s an exciting work painted by Yondee Shane Hansen, who is a West Australian Nyoongar painter.

 This is a big bright bold show that perfectly reflects the strength of connection to country that these artists express.

Gloria Petyarre | Bush Medicine Leaves | Jap 015877

Gloria Petyarre | Bush Medicine Leaves | Jap 015877

In Gallery 2 we have an exhibition from the Pintupi Artists of the Western Desert. These works take us into patterns that reference desert country, Dreaming sites and other important places. There is a hypnotic quality to much of this work as there is to the country that it references.

Works in the exhibition include paintings by George Hairbrush Tjungurrayi, his son Jake Tjapaltjarri and Ronnie Tjampitjinpa. This is an impressive collection from some of the regions most accomplished artists.

The exhibition will be open until 8 March.

View: The Landscape Colours Exhibition

View: The Pintupi Artists of the Western Desert
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