Japingka Takes On A New Name

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Today is a big day for us at Japingka. We've officially changed our name to Japingka Aboriginal Art. Previously we went under the name Japingka Gallery.

As you may know, Aboriginal art has been our primary focus for over thirty years.  Nothing has changed in our passion and commitment.

What has changed is that the art industry is a lot more global. This has created a need for us to be more specific in letting people from outside Australia know exactly what we do.

From today, our website will have the online address of JapingkaAboriginalArt.com.

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We're hoping that this new web address will help us reach out to a wider art market. We are looking forward to introducing many more people to the extraordinary diversity of Aboriginal art.

As far as we are concerned it is the most exciting art in the world and we want to get even better at spreading that message. Today is another step in that direction.

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