Iwantja Artists Exhibition – Successful Conclusion

Congratulations to Iwantja artists for their high quality exhibition presented during September. Paintings have found new homes in USA, Malaysia, Canada and Israel, as well as cities across Australia. Iwantja is at a relatively early stage of setting up its artists’ reputations, so this response is very gratifying.

With twelve artists exhibiting from this small community, the range of paintings is diverse, from subtle Dreaming images from Maringka Burton, to more expressive paintings of  ‘Country Remembered’ by Angkuna Baker, Kanakiya Tjanyari and Mary Brumby. And Tiger Yaltangki always delights viewers with his bold drawing and rich colours. As the exhibition draws to a close, we hope new viewers will continue to visit the show online, as there remains some new paintings and some high quality works that are still available.