Hermansburg Paintings

Douglas Abbott - Hermannsburg watercolour artist of the Namatjira school. Paints exquisite landscapes of Central Australia.


West MacDonnell Ranges by Douglas Abbott

Douglas Abbott   |  West MacDonnell Ranges

Jap 007926  |  watercolour on paper  |  26 x 17 cm


West MacDonnell Ranges by Otto Pareroultja

Otto Pareroultja  |  West MacDonnell Ranges

Jap 012393  |  Watercolour  |  24.5 x 15 cm

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West MacDonnell Ranges by Joshua Ebatarinja

Joshua Ebatarinja  |  West MacDonnell Ranges

Jap 012394  |  Watercolour  |  27 x 18.5 cm

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West MacDonnell Ranges by Ewald Namatjira

Ewald Namatjira  |  West MacDonnell Ranges

Jap 012395  |  Watercolour  |  29 x 18.5 cm

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West MacDonnell Ranges by Gabriel Namatjira

Gabriel Namatjira  |  West MacDonnell Ranges

Jap 012397  |  Watercolour  |  27 x 18.5 cm

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West MacDonnell Ranges by Keith Namatjira

Keith Namatjira  |  West MacDonnell Ranges

Jap 012391  |  Watercolour  |  53 x 37.5 cm

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Douglas Kwarlpe Abbott was born in Hermannsburg and spent his early years on the banks of the Finke River, south of Alice Springs. He remembers as a child going to Hermannsburg every Christmas. Douglas Kwarlpe was later raised in Alice Springs by his parents Gordon and Joyleen Abbott. Douglas Kwarlpe’s paternal grandmother’s place is at Waterhouse, near Hermannsburg, at the end of the James Range and the Waterhouse Range.

Iconic Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira was Douglas Kwarlpe’s classificatory grandfather. As a young boy Douglas Kwarlpe used to watch Albert Namatjira, his cousin, Clem Abbott, and other members of the original Hermannsburg watercolour artists, as they painted. Clem advised Douglas to find his own painting style and to develop it, which he has done with great success.

Douglas Kwarlpe Abbott is an extremely prolific painter and very inventive, sometimes combining landscape with symbolic forms. Douglas Kwarlpe’s paintings are characterised by an intensity of colour, where detail is contained within simple bold shapes. He constructs a spiritual world, which appears both timeless and of the moment. Aboriginal art status – Established artist.

 Selected Exhibitions

1988     Pmere, Country in Mind, Birukmarri Gallery, Fremantle WA
1991     The Heritage of Albert Namatjira (national touring exhibition) curated by Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide SA
1998     Namatjira 98, Yeperenye Centre, Alice Springs NT
2001     DesArt Exhibition, Sydney NSW
2004     Desert Mob, Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs NT
2004     Centralian Advocate Art Award (Highly Commended), Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs NT
2005     Desert Mob, Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs NT
2006     Hermannsburg School of Art: Contemporary Responses in a Continuing Tradition, Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs NT
2006     Desert Mob, Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs NT
2007     24th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin NT
2008     The Namatjira Circle – Landscapes of Central Australia, Birrung Gallery, Sydney NSW
2008     The Legacy of Namatjira Today, Contemporary Aboriginal Watercolours from Central Australia, SoMA Galleries, Norwood SA
2008     CCAE, A New Beginning Exhibition, Darwin NT
2009     Solo Exhibition Birrung Gallery Sydney NSW
2009     Real to Surreal, Scenes from the Centre: Journey with the New Generation of Hermannsburg Watercolour Artists, Tandanya, Adelaide SA
2009     Desert Mob Exhibition, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT
2009     Beyond Battarbee, Recent Watercolour by Central Australian Artists, Hobart TAS
2012     Namatjira Legacy, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA
2013     Hermannsburg Artists, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA