Alec Baker Paintings

Alec Baker - Iwantja Artist, Ngura Country and Emu Story

Alec Baker was born around 1932 at Saddle Well in the eastern APY (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Lands, and grew up on Granite Downs station where he worked as a stockman, learning the trade and skills of handling cattle and horses. Alec Baker’s traditional languages are Yankunytjatjaraand Pitjantjatjara, and as a stockman he travelled widely in the region moving and working cattle stock.

In the 1950s the indigenous community of Indulkana was established to accommodate Anangu peoples who wanted to return to their homelands after years living and working on surrounding cattle stations. The community was built near to the Stuart Highway in the far north of South Australia, located on a small ridge at the edge of the Indulkana Ranges, 575 km south of Alice Springs.

Granite Downs station where Alec Baker worked was eventually acquired by the community, and Alec has been a long-time resident at Indulkana. Iwantja Arts centre had operated at the community since the 1970s and was run by the women. With the rising interest in painting from Pitjantjatjara lands, the men were given canvases and art materials around 2006, and Alec Baker was the first of the men to begin painting his stories. He was joined by other senior men Whiskey Tjukangku and Peter Mingkuri.

Alec Baker states that he is “not allowed to do Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) designs, so I paint patterns of country from my mind”, which are generalised visions of the desert country, with references to animal sites, waterholes and song cycles, all within sweeping topographies.

Alec Baker has exhibited widely with Iwantja Artists since 2007 and his distinctive paintings are well received by buyers and collectors. Aboriginal art status – Established artist.

 Selected Exhibitions

2007   Skin to Skin, Canberra ACT
2008   Better World Art Gallery, Adelaide SA
2008   Desert Mob, Alice Springs NT
2008   Tandanya, Adelaide SA
2009   Australia Dreaming Art Gallery, Melbourne VIC
2009   Seymour College
2009   Our Mob
2009   Desert Mob, Alice Springs NT
2010   Tjukurpa Pulkatjara, Adelaide Festival Centre  SA
2010   Solo Show,  Gallery 139, Adelaide SA
2010   Desert Mob, Alice Springs NT
2011   Booker Lowe Gallery, Houston Texas USA
2011   Men’s Show, Gallery 139, Adelaide SA
2011   Desert Mob, Alice Springs NT
2012   Aboriginal Pacific Gallery, Sydney NSW
2012   Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs NT
2012   Raft Artspace, Alice Springs NT
2012   Gallery 139, Adelaide SA
2012   Tunbridge Gallery, Margaret River WA
2012   Gallery 139, Adelaide SA
2013   Iwantja Artists, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA
2014   Iwantja Artists, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA